15 things to do on a forest walk

15 things to do on a forest walk text

As a family we love walking in the woods/forest. Last week we got to go on some lovely forest walks in the sunshine.

Sometimes children can get a little bored by the end, so I like to think of things for them to do on the walk. Here is my list of things to do on a forest walk…..

  1. How many different things can you find coloured green (or yellow, or brown etc….)
  2. How many things can you find that begin with the letter ‘S’ or ‘T’ or ‘L’ etc….
  3. How many different creatures/bugs can you find
  4. How many different leaves can you find
  5. Can you find something of every colour (of the rainbow)
  6. How many different sounds can you hear
  7. Walk along a log
  8. Climb a tree
  9. Jump in muddy puddles
  10. Play with leaves (in autumn)
  11. Collect different types of leaves to take home to do leaf rubbings
  12. Take a camera for kids to take photos
  13. Make a scavenger hunt of things for kids to find eg feather, leaves, stick, pinecone, something rough, smooth, round, pretty, noisy etc
  14. Go on a bear hunt
  15. How many different birds can you see

This is a list of things and ideas I have up my sleeve, when the children start flagging towards the end of the walk. It keeps them occupied and they have fun and often learn a lot too.picture of things kids found on their forest walk

This is how my children got on last week at their attempt of finding something of  every colour. Not bad I think, as we did find a purple flower too, but I told them not to pick that.

We also walked along logs and found fallen branches to use for sweeping like Cinderella all the way round.

We spotted bugs and the best part was, we actually saw a snake! (yes, honestly!).

We love walking in the forest. Fresh air, exercise, peace (though not so much with my children) and nature, you can’t beat it!

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13 Responses to 15 things to do on a forest walk

  1. I love it – taking advantage of what nature has to offer! As you point out keeping young ones going and occupied on a walk is a challenge, you’ve certainly have some activities in mind that help – and it’s all free. Thanks for coming over and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. . says:

    Great ideas, we love forest walks – going to have try some of them out. Thanks for joining in the Monday Parenting Pin it party.

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for linking over at Monday Parenting pin-it party!



  4. PinkOddy says:

    What a brilliant list. This is much like what we did but you described it much better. We had to find certain colour flowers etc.
    Thank you for linking up with MotivationalMonday

  5. Sarah says:

    I especially love the camera idea! When I was a teacher, I once had kids take pictures of different shapes they encountered around the school while we were studying geometry – they loved it! Can’t wait to do a project like that with my own kids. I also really liked the scavenger hunt and bear hunt idea. My kids love “We’re going on a Lion Hunt,” and a walk in the forest would be a perfect time to recite that poem! I’m visiting from the parenting pin-it party and my pinterest id is pinterest.com/slashbrook/ :)

    • karen bell says:

      Its always good to have ideas up your sleeve to keep the kids entertained.
      I will follow :)

  6. Liz Burton says:

    Great post! The forest is such an inspiration but little legs get tired easily, so these tips to keep them entertained are brilliant

  7. Liz Burton says:

    Visiting from the Parenting Pin it Party and I’ve pinned onto my board http://pinterest.com/missielizzieb/we-love-forests/ great post!

  8. Fantastic list have pinned to my ‘Family Fun’ board and will follow. xx

  9. Jaime Oliver says:

    There is nothing like some fun while being active! you got some great pictures! i am loving this idea and when Joshua is a little bigger i may set him some challenges.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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