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picture of twin girls holding handsPut childrens names down for preschool placements early if you don’t want to pay extra! This is my experience why…..

Well, it is the end of one phase of my life, now moving onto the next. My twins start their 15 hours government-funded preschool placements this week. On one hand it is sad to see them growing up and moving on, I will miss them. On the other hand it is very exciting, and if I am honest, I am really looking forward to some peace and quiet for a short while each week (if that makes me a bad mother, so be it, I think it makes me normal).

I wanted to write this post to warn other parents to put their children’s names down for a preschool early on.

When I had my son I used to work 2 days a week, so he went to a private nursery. I thought he would continue there, through his preschooling. However, when my twins came along I quickly realised I could not  afford to return to work. I started looking for a preschool place for my son aged 2 and a half, around my local area. To my dismay, I discovered, I should have put his name down months or even years before, as there were no spaces left to take him. In the end, I had to send him to a local private nursery which took children term time only, in order for him to get his preschooling. The only problem was that we had to pay extra on top of the governments funded 15 hours. I believe it is important for children to attend some kind of preschool/nursery before they go onto big school, so I felt I had to accept this. My son loved going to the nursery and learnt so much, which really prepared him for starting school. It was worth it.

Following this experience, I put my twins names down for a preschool when they were just 9 months old. I am sure that not all areas have this problem, but I also know that many do. Preschool placements are oversubscribed, there is not enough preschools for the number of children needing them.

For this reason I would like to urge anyone with younger children to think about preschools early on and put their names down. You can always change your mind later on.

Have you had similar experiences?

Did you get preschool placements easily?

Please leave a comment, I would love to know what your experiences of this subject are.

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