Mother natures playground

picture of children sitting in their den

As a family, we love getting out and about for some fun in the great outdoors. Last weekend, I think we really embraced this by going into the forest, mother natures best invention ever! It has got to be the most fun, natural environment a child could wish for. Trees to climb, streams to splash in, mud to jump in, sticks to play with, logs to walk on, the list is endless.

We splashed through a little stream, which the children loved. There is always something wonderful about walking through a natural stream of clear flowing water.

picture of family splashing about in a stream

After having a good splash about, we thought we would have a go at building a den as part of the tots100, centre parcs challenge.

In order to find somewhere suitable to build our den, we had to cross a very muddy bog. Someone had previously very kindly built a stick bridge for us to balance across. It was good fun, trying not to fall in. Then Twinlife daddy (not the children I might add) very nearly did fall in. As he stepped down into the mud, he sank right in and nearly went straight over. As you can see in a picture below, there is me doubled over laughing at him, watching him try to regain his balance and pull himself out! Unfortunately, he was not in camera shot! BB also managed to fill his boot with mud and water, but hey, that’s what it’s all about. The rest of us managed to balance across relatively cleanly.

pic of walking over a stick bridge over a bog

We found a tree fallen across the stream.  We thought the branches would make a good frame for us to lay sticks and foliage over for our den.

pic of fallen tree

As a family we gathered as many sticks as we could find, to lay across the branches of the tree, for the roof. The children loved hunting round the forest for sticks, though, I’m not sure how useful the tiny little sticks the young ones picked up were? But they all joined in to make our family hide-out.

picture of children finding sticks

We tried looking for some foliage to give greater cover, but there just wasn’t any. We didn’t want to go picking foliage off trees, so we did end up with a rather holey roof, but still, the children didn’t seem to mind, they thought it was great! We did put a tarpaulin on the ground for them to sit on (which we had in our car), as the ground was so wet. The kids loved having their snack in their den. Mummy and daddy even joined them.

pic of family sitting in a den

We may not have made the best den in the world, but we certainly had a lot of fun trying.

I love days like this, when the children can experience great fun in our natural world. For me it is so important that children have a chance to get back to basics, leave the modern world behind and use their imagination, along with natures gifts, to have pure simple fun and get muddy!!


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20 Responses to Mother natures playground

  1. That looks like my kind of day out. Brilliant fun! V clever to have a tarpaulin to hand, I bet that comes in useful a lot- think I’m going to find one for our car boot!

  2. That looks like great fun! Yet again you have inspired me, my kids would love to have a day like this, thanks got linking up again, I love your ideas x

  3. RIta says:

    Looks a great day out despite needing jackets and something to sit on.
    I expect the kids slept well. Good blog.

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    I love this!! i think it was a fantastic den!! thanks for sharing and linking it up with #PoCoLo

    Ps. I would of been crying with laughter too! x

  5. What a fun day out for all the family, I can see how much the children loved having Mum and Dad join in with the fun. As you point out nature has so much to offer in helping our children to grow and develop both physically and mentally. Thanks for sharing your outdoor family fun with Country Kids.

  6. Brinabird says:

    A fab den! Such a great thing to do as a family. We love being outdoors too, so much to stimulate their imaginations!

  7. Building the den looks like a lot of fun :) And I would have been in hysterics if my husband nearly fell in to the stream too! I love the photo of you all splashing x #CountryKids

  8. This looks like one of my ideal days out with my girls. Love the splashing in the water. And den building; I’m impressed ! A great time in the country in the fresh air. Happy kids x

  9. This is our kind of day out and looks like you had such a lot of fun. I’m sure there were a lot of tired bodies when you all got home

    • karen bell says:

      Yes, time out in the country, fresh air and exercise always equals tired kids (which is great!). We love time like this together

  10. Wow that’s one amazing den. And so nice to see all the family involved, sorry to say here it is very much a male bonding thing!

    • karen bell says:

      Thanks. Male Bonding sessions are great too. I love to watch my boy and daddy doing things together too

  11. Jaime Oliver says:

    I am so pleased you linked this up for #MagicMoments its a lovely post and a fab den! xx

  12. Helen Braid says:

    Wellies, mud, stream and a den – guaranteed fun for all kids!

  13. A wonderful post. Looks like you all had such a lovely time, the pictures are brilliant. :)

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