Magical bedtimes

picture of mother reading bedtime storyChildren love stories. My children are no different, they love reading stories at anytime, but especially at bedtime.

From the moment my son could crawl, he would crawl across the room to bring us book after book to read! Sadly his keenness for books has subsided a little, but he does still love them.

I think most parents probably read to their children at bedtime. I just wanted to share my thoughts on our bedtime stories as they really are such magical moments.

I love reading to my children at bedtime. It is a time for quiet  (breathe a sigh of relief!). It is a time when they will actually keep still and listen (mostly). They choose a story and snuggle into bed. With my son, we lay on the bed with him and read stories. He likes so many types of stories, it is difficult to give a favourite. He likes anything from Bob the builder, Thomas the tank engine and mr men to the good old-fashioned fairy stories of Pinocchio etc or pirate stories. We have even read through a whole book of poems (without any pictures in)!

I think my son loves this time partly for the stories, but also for the 1 to 1 time he gets. After the story he often likes to talk a bit about things and ask us questions about when we were children and at school etc. It is so lovely to get that time to chat quietly together. It is a time I don’t want to forget.

With my girls, being twins they share a room. They have toddler beds just far enough apart for me to squeeze onto the floor between them. I love sitting in between them reading a story. They both lean across and put their head on either side of my shoulder. It is a truly wonderful heart melting twin moment. I do often feel guilty that they don’t get the one to one story time like my son does, but they don’t seem to mind. The girls like books such as the hungry caterpillar, room on a broom, the Alfie stories or any cute teddy bear story is usually a winner.

Very occasionally the children have all got into BB’s bed for a story together (that is really cute too). BB reads the girls his story book from school and then we read a story to them all. It is another example of these wonderful magical moments.

If a bedtime story is not part of your routine, I would seriously encourage you to try it, as a bedtime story can produce such lovely moments for both you and the children.

I hope this has inspired you to get the books out and read. Writing this has inspired me to start reading to the children in the daytime more.

These are moments I hope I will always remember.

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6 Responses to Magical bedtimes

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    I love reading with my son. His favourites are any Spot book and Dear Zoo. I keep trying to push Peace at Last onto him but he’s not interested yet :)

  2. Ahh thats a beautiful post. I love reading with my boys. Bruiser’s favorite is Dear Zoo (always has been) and more recently ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ which he can sign pretty much all of :)

  3. One of my favourite times of day too! We all pile into my bed, with one lying on top of me (we have a rota!) and the other two either side. Does often mean I can’ reach the book to hold it or turn the page, but we manage somehow! Such wonderful magic moments! :) xx

    • karen bell says:

      Lol, yeah when we read books in the day with all 3 I have trouble reaching the pages too! :)

  4. I have always read to Grace at bedtime since she was tiny and still do now. She loves it – and so do I. Thank you for linking to Magic Moments xx

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