3 birthdays, party planning

It’s almost that time of year again, where my babies turn a whole year older. I am desperately planning two parties in one weekend. I think I must be mad!

If you’re new to reading my blog, you may not know about the ‘uniqueness’ of my family. To sum it up…….

I have 3 children, 2 of which are twins. 2 of my children share a birthday, but not my twins’!

Yes, that’s right, my twins have separate birthdays, as they were born over midnight (one and a half hours apart), and my second twin was born on my sons 2nd birthday! This makes things quite difficult. I have never fully settled on when to celebrate each birthday. So far they have all had a shared party, which has worked well. However, this year I thought it was about time BB had his own party, hence the 2 parties in one weekend.

The twins are having a hello kitty craft party on the saturday at home and BB is having a bowling party on the sunday. Luckily the bowling party is mostly done for us, I only need to make the cake and turn up. However, the twins party will take a lot more effort. Luckily, my mum is organising the crafts, so I have time to think about the party bags, games, food and cakes.

I like to make extra work for myself, as I believe each child should have their own birthday cake and I like to make them novelty ones, so I am currently trying to think how I can make 2 hello kitty cakes and a space cake all in one weekend! I panic before hand, but I usually get there in the end. Last year I made a whole gingerbread house cake and two heart cakes. They looked great and the children had a fab birthday, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can pull it off again this year.

picture of 3 birthday cakes

3 birthday cakes

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13 Responses to 3 birthdays, party planning

  1. I often thought that twins not being born on the same day must happen from time to time. I wonder if any have been born in separate academic years (Aug 31st/Sept 1st) or even across a new year!

  2. That is amazing! Little E is born on my mum’s birthday (this Sunday) and Bump is being born by C section tomorrow on Husband’s birthday. I also have my Dad’s birthday on Saturday so it is quite a week for us but my goodness you have a busy 2 days! Good luck with your 3 cakes! Xx

  3. Amy says:

    Amazing the way that the birthdays in your home have worked out! Also good luck to All about a mummy above – so exciting that your wee family will be growing tomorrow!

  4. Jenny says:

    Wow that is amazing! Lots of partying planning for you! Happy birthday to all 3!!! How exciting Lovely cakes too you are so talented! So excited for you all!

  5. That is amazing, and hard work! Last year’s cake are fab, I’m sure this year will be a huge success! Good luck :) #MMWBH

  6. Those cakes are amazing, sounds like you have managed to come up with an idea that is special for all three of your little ones. Have fun! #mmwbh

  7. Christine says:

    Fab cakes. At least you get the birthdays over all in one go. Hope everything goes smoothly for you! #pocolo

  8. Shemi Dixon says:

    I love these cakes . You’re so talented. Beautiful! Bowling is such fun activity for birthday party. Have a great time! #pocolo

  9. Anne Stone says:

    Ha, I thought I had it bad having my three little ones birthday’s all in the same few weeks! I love your birthday cakes, they’re beautiful :)

  10. Kim Carberry says:

    Wow! I assumed twins could be born on different days but never actually knew any that were….How amazing!! Happy birthday to all 3!! Hope they have a great party x

  11. This must be such hard work but I completely understand why you do it. With Grace’s birthday on 2nd Jan I always make sure that the Christmas decorations are down and that’s hard enough! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  12. Susan Mann says:

    Aww happy birthday to them all. I have all three of mine having birthdays within a month. Love the cakes x

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