Birthday weekend

It finally arrived, my twins are now 4 years old and my son is now 6 years old. I have no idea where the time went!

It was a very full on birthday weekend as, yes, in case you didn’t know, all three of my children share a birthday! (well, 1 twin was 15 mins the day before, but we celebrate all on the same day).

In previous years the children have had a joint party, which has worked well. However, this year I thought my son ought to start having his own party, so the twins had a craft party on the saturday and my son had a bowling party on the sunday.

You can read all about the craft party here on my other blog. My girls were so excited about their party. All the crafts and games were prepared beforehand, so I spent saturday morning icing the two hello kitty birthday cakes. I must confess, my sister-in-law made the hello kitty’s (not me) to go on top. I think the cakes looked good and they certainly tasted good!

Twin birthday cakes

The party was lots of fun, but also lots of hard work, I was absolutely exhausted by the evening. Knowing I had another cake to make in the morning followed by another party, was tough!

The following day, the children had a wonderful time opening all their birthday presents together, it’s just like christmas all over again!! We got them a climbing frame for the garden, so they were then outside helping daddy build it all morning, which gave me a chance to make the third cake.Twins opening birthday presents

Unfortunately, this was a bit of a disaster. Firstly, my 1st attempt over flowed in the oven! Then, when mixing up the butter icing…….it melted in my food processor!!!!! I had no idea it would ever do that?! I had to throw the whole lot away and start again! I was rather panicking by this point! Luckily, from then on, things improved and I managed to complete the space cake.

Space birthday cake

The bowling party in the afternoon was also a hit. My twins had never been bowling and got so excited watching the skittles get knocked over and rolling the balls down. My son did extremely well and won! Everyone enjoyed it, they had food at the bowling alley, followed by birthday cake. Perfect!

All in all, it was a mammoth birthday weekend (which I am glad only comes round once a year, as I don’t think I could do it again in a hurry), but everyone had a wonderful time and definitely a birthday to remember!


Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts
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14 Responses to Birthday weekend

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Wow! What a weekend! Looks like the parties were a huge success! Those cakes look brilliant! Well done x

  2. WHAT a busy weekend! Lots of fun by the look of it though!

  3. Mama H says:

    What a fabulous weekend of celebrating! I am excited that both my girls have their birthdays just 3 weeks apart, I’m looking forward to next year and their first joint party! Thanks for linking up with #familyphotofriday

  4. lauracymft says:

    Wow, amazing they all share the same birthday! Those cakes are gorgeous! Hope they all had fun!

  5. Coombe Mill says:

    Happy birthday to them both, look slike a lovely day for you from the garden fun #MagicMoments

  6. Christmas comes but once a year.. but you have something very similar every spring in your house, too. Hope you can put your feet up this weekend.

  7. Victoria Welton says:

    It looks like they all had a really wonderful time. I LOVE those cakes :) Thank you so much for linking to Magic Moments x

  8. Wonderful Cakes!! Must be busy, busy having all three on one day yet I’m wondering if it isn’t more convenient that 4 spread throughout the year – I may name an official family bday and do it all in one go! Happy Birthday to all!! xx

  9. Danielle says:

    My son would love that space cake. Great job!!

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