The 3 Birthday Cakes

picture of 3 birthday cakes

3 birthday cakes

Another year has passed. Can’t believe my son is now 5 years old and my twins are now 3 years old, where on earth did that time go?? They had their birthday party at the weekend, they had great fun. I always love watching them have fun at their party. We hired an entertainer this time, which made things so much easier.

If you read my previous post on the twin birthday cake debate, you will know that, we are rather unique in the fact that all 3 of my children share a birthday! (well, that’s not technically true) my twins were born on different days, but my older son and twin 2 shares a birthday! However, I think it would be far too complicated to celebrate twin 1′s birthday one day and then older brother and twin 2′s birthday the next day, so we celebrate all on the same day (after all twin 1 was only born 15 mins before midnight). For this reason, I was debating whether or not to do 1, 2 or 3 birthday cakes. Most children get to have their own birthday cake, so why should twins and an older brother have to share just because they happen to be born at the same time? I decided to make one birthday cake each.

My son wanted a gingerbread house cake! (nice and easy for me then??!!). I had never made a gingerbread house before, let alone put it on a cake, but I was up for the challenge. The twins both said they wanted a heart cake (a little bit easier).

Here are the results of my attempt at 3 birthday cakes:

I think they liked their cakes, my son was staring at his for ages, though, he was probably just dreaming of eating all the sweets on it!

The other thing I liked was the fact that we sang happy birthday 3 times, so they each got their special moment.

This was all a big effort with a lot of hard work, but I am very pleased that I made the extra effort to make each of my childrens birthday individually special. I am just hoping they choose something a little less complicated next year?!


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