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A Sound Walk

girls on a sound walkAutumn walks, I believe are the best ones, such great colours to see, so many things to collect for arts and crafts and there can be such beautiful fresh days with sunshine and blue sky.

Yesterday was one of these days. The weather was great, it was cold, but gorgeous blue sky and sunshine, I couldn’t resist taking my girls for a walk. So off we went to our local lake and nature discovery centre.

We decided to do a sound walk. Whilst walking round the lake, we had to listen to see what and how many different sounds we could hear. This is what we heard…..

  1. Ducks
  2. Other children calling
  3. Various other birds, but I’m afraid I haven’t a clue what they were??!
  4. Water splashing from the birds landing in the water
  5. Dogs barking
  6. Wind rustling in the trees (I was really impressed they thought/heard that)
  7. Leaves crunching when we walked on them

I was really impressed with how well the girls listened and identified things. They enjoyed trying to work out what things were.

This walk was good fun and it is a very good exercise for little ones to practice listening and hearing different sounds, which is the start of learning phonics later on. I will definitely be having another go at this another time.

girls on a sound walksound walk by a lake

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Early anatomy lesson

Little children never cease to amaze me with what they come out with. Yesterday, was another classic example which I wanted to share with you, but I also wanted it documented, so I would not forget it (that’s the great thing about blogging). This made me smile for quite some time!

Yesterday, BB (age 5) drew this picture of a person showing what’s inside us! Don’t ask me what on earth spurred him on to thinking about what is inside?!

childs drawing of anatomyNow, according to BB, the yellow bit coming down from the nose, three quarters of the way down the body and swirling around back up again……is snot!! Lots and lots of snot! Well, I suppose children do seem to have a lot of snot?!

The other yellow bit is the wee and it goes all the way down and comes out at the bottom through the winkie.

The Part with blue dots on, is the food and ‘dirt’ we eat (his words, not mine).

Then he got thinking, how girls are different to boys so he drew this……

childs drawing of a girls anatomyDoes this mean, he thinks girls don’t have legs and arms?? No winkie he says!

I just love hearing and seeing what children come out with, there is something, just so innocent and naive about it. I really don’t ever want to forget.


Wot So Funee?
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