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An autumn collection

One of my favourite things to do in Autumn, is going for walks. I love getting out and about in the fresh air, looking at all the beautiful colours and collecting all the things nature has to offer, to see what we can make.

Last weekend, the weather was not looking promising so we popped out quickly while it was dry. There was no time to go anywhere special, but I don’t think you always need to, there is still lots to offer walking round the streets and local park.

The children took a bag each to see what they could collect. We hunted for leaves, admiring the range of beautiful colours. They had fun trying to find all the different shapes and colours. We also spotted some mushrooms growing in the grass by the side of the road.

Autumn collecting leaves

We walked to the park, where they had a few minutes to climb and swing, which was great, as we haven’t been to the park for ages.

Autumn collecting climbing in the park

On the way back we collected lots (&lots!) of acorns, some sticks and berries.

Autumn collecting findings

BB wanted to find out what was inside an acorn, so I promised we would cut one open when we got home.

We had a lovely walk together. It is really nice how a quick walk, nowhere special can be just as much fun as going on a big planned day out.

Back at home, this is what we did with our findings…..

Acorn and leaf people and leaf rubbingAutumn is such a great time of year for fresh walks, looking at nature and doing lots of art and craft.



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Autumn tree art

Autumnal tree art picturesYesterday, we started on our autumn activities list and did some autumn tree/leaf art.

We painted a very simple, basic tree and then got some leaf stamps, mixed up some browns, oranges, red, yellow and green paint and started stamping leaves on our trees.

autumnal tree art

It was great fun and very simple. It also started teaching the girls about mixing colours to make different ones. By the end of it, they were able to guess some of the colours they needed to mix up to make various others.


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An ocean themed week

ocean themed activitiesHaving children at home for 6 weeks, means I have to come up with lots of different activities. Last week, we chose to have an ocean theme.

Firstly, we made port holes. It was so easy, but great fun. We just used a paper plate, coloured round the edge of the plate, then stuck ocean stickers in the middle, to create the picture and coloured in the sea blue.

picture of homemade port holes

After we made the port holes, we were wondering what to do with them, so I then made the children a boat out of a (very large) cardboard box. We stuck the port holes on the insides and put a pirate flag at the back. The children had great fun playing pirate games in it for days. At one point,we actually managed to fit 5 children in at the same time!picture of a large cardboard box boat

A little while ago, we collected shells from the beach. We got them out and first of all played around with them, to see what shapes and pictures we could make.

picture of shells in shapes

Next we made a beach scene, by putting sand in an old recycled plastic tub, used some foil for the sea, placed the shells around and then got the playmobil out to have a play on their new beach. It kept the children amused for ages!picture of a playmobil beach scene

Lastly, but not least, we then painted some shells. Some got painted in random colours, others had flowers or faces and a butterfly painted on them.

picture of shell painting

The children (and myself) had loads of fun with all these activities and the best part was, they were largely thought of by my children, they came up with most of the ideas themselves. I do love to let them get creative and use their imagination.

This also used up some of the activities on my summer holiday sanity list. I am progressing nicely with the list, but still lots more to do.

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Summer holiday sanity list

picture of children walking in a forest

Forest walk

The 6 weeks summer holidays are fast approaching and I am starting to get a little concerned about how I am going to entertain a 5 yr old and two 3 yr olds for 6 solid weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing and being with my kids, but I need to have a plan, or all hell will break loose (and that will not be a pleasant site).

I thought I’d write a list of all the ideas I have, for play and craft etc, to do throughout the holidays:

Outdoor activities

  1. Fly a kite
  2. Do a sports day (maybe with friends too)
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Go on a nature walk
  5. Jump in puddles (on a rainy day)
  6. Do a scavenger hunt
  7. Go Geocaching
  8. Ride bikes
  9. Ride scooters
  10. Make a good den in the garden
  11. Go to the beach
  12. Paddling pool fun
  13. Water play
  14. Bubbles
  15. Have a picnic
  16. Ball games
  17. Make a map of our walk to school/park etc
  18. Visit a farm
  19. Feed the ducks
  20. Go to the park

Indoor activities

  1. Painting
  2. Junk modelling
  3. Crafts
  4. Make boats then sail them
  5. Make up stories/story telling
  6. Make a puppet theatre
  7. Do a puppet show
  8. Make scrapbooks about your holiday or day out
  9. Play skittles
  10. Cooking
  11. Playdoh
  12. Lego
  13. Create a photo journal
  14. Movie afternoon
  15. Visit the library
  16. Make a map of our house
  17. Puzzles
  18. Dressing up and pretend play
  19. Play shops
  20. Play hospitals
  21. Paint stones
  22. Crafts with shells collected on a beach
  23. Read stories together
  24. Board games
  25. Tea party

This is my list so far. I will probably add to it as I think of more things, but it is a start and I believe it helps to give me a focus. I need focus in order to maintain some kind of sanity.

A lot of the time children need to be kept occupied and stimulated. I personally find their behaviour is so much better when we are out, or when we are all engaged in an activity. Some activities may seem like an effort, but, for me it is always worth it, to see the children have fun, learn and behave well. Effort usually pays off in the end.

And, I get to play too (always a bonus, big kid at heart)!

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Butterfly art

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Painting

Picture of a painted butterfly

  • Fold a piece of paper in half
  • Paint on 1 side of the folded sheet (with lots of paint)
  • Remember to paint a body as well
  • Fold other side of paper over the painted side and apply pressure
  • Unfold and there you have your butterfly!

Picture of buterfly painting

Paper plate butterflies

  • Cut a paper plate in half
  • Cut a long sausage shape out of plain paper
  • Stick the sausage shape onto the middle of the cut of each plate (for the body)
  • Paint
  • You could also decorate with stickers, googly eyes etc

Picture of cut papre plates to make butterflyPicture of butterfly plates artPicture of child painting a paper plate butterflyPicture of paper plate butterflies

Butterfly stamping

picture of a butterfly stampPicture of butterfly stamping

I believe the best art projects for little ones are the most simple ones and these are certainly simple and very easy to do.

My twins loved doing these butterfly arts today. They were so proud of their butterflies, they couldn’t wait to show daddy when he got home from work.

Have a go.

Featured at Tots Tuesday on Rainy Day Mum

Featured at Tuesday Tots on Rainy Day Mum

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Handprint Cards & Spaghetti Art

2 easy art/craft ideas for young children

A great fun and easy activity to do with young children, is hand print flowers.

It is so easy and the kids love it!

You could even cut out a small photo of the child’s face and stick it in the middle. They make great birthday or mothers day cards.

picture of kids handprint flower cards


Another easy activity for young children is spaghetti art!

Cook some pasta and let it cool.

Give your child some paper and let them loose with the spaghetti. You can make all sorts of things…

Good clean fun!

picture of spaghetti artpicture of spaghetti playpicture of children making spaghetti pictures

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Activity Thursday….Outdoor fun

Words activity thursdayThis week has seen the first glimpse of sun, still not exactly balmy warm though, but at least there has been sun. Therefore, we have actually spent some time outdoors, which is great! I love it when we can all get outside for fresh air and more importantly, burning off all that energy.

Here is our outdoor activities this week:

picture of children playing football

Ball games

picture of twin girls having a race on their space hoppers

Space hopper races

picture of a boy drawing shadows

Experimenting with shadow drawing

Picture of body tracing art

Body tracing

Miss Pink layed down so I could draw round her. She loved it. Then all the kids joined in and wanted to colour it all in. They worked together so nicely (I was really impressed). I think children love it when you take a simple thing like colouring and upsize it to giant size. BB also then labelled each part of the body, good writing practice.

picture of 3 siblings working together on an art project

Sibling teamwork with an art project

We also visited a local activity farm this week. J enjoyed the golf, though I’m not sure she really mastered the technique?!

Picture of a child playing golf

Childsplay golf

The children got to hold and stroke some little chicks and rabbits. I was so proud of them, especially Miss pink as she has previously been very nervous of animals, but here, she actually held both the chick and the rabbit!! I was amazed!! She loved it (I knew she would if she actually let herself try)!

picture of children holding chicks at a farm

Holding chicks at a farm

Picture of children holding a rabbit at a farm

Holding a rabbit at a farm

We have had a good week, I hope you have too.

What activities have you been doing this week?

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Let kids be kids!

picture of children jumping in muddy puddlesIn this modern world we live in, it can be very easy to get lost and wrapped up in everyday life, technology, day-to-day stresses and issues. We all run at such a fast pace of life these days, compared to when our parents were raising us. I believe it is so important to remember that children need to be children. They need to experience simple basic fun.

I have made a list of  40 things I believe every child should have done/experienced before they reach school age:

  1. Feed the ducks
  2. Walk on a log
  3. Jump in muddy puddles (and get very mucky!)
  4. Forest walks – looking at nature
  5. Kick around in leaves (in autumn)
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Leaf rubbings
  8. Make mud pies
  9. Look for shells on a beach
  10. Jump waves
  11. Build sandcastles
  12. Build towers and knock them down
  13. Play peek-a-boo
  14. Play hide and seek
  15. Playdoh
  16. Messy play
  17. Junk modelling
  18. Painting and finger painting
  19. Water play
  20. Splashing in the paddling pool
  21. Singing
  22. Dancing
  23. Bubbles
  24. Cooking
  25. Rough and tumble
  26. Make tents and dens
  27. Have a pretend tea party
  28. Build stuff from cardboard boxes (preferably big enough to sit in)
  29. Do a roly poly
  30. Play ball
  31. Swing
  32. Do an easter egg hunt
  33. Read books together
  34. Play in the snow
  35. Build a snowman
  36. Plant seeds
  37. Dress up
  38. Do a scavenger hunt
  39. Visit a farm
  40. HAVE FUN!!

I know my kids have absolutely loved everything on this list, but I think their favourite, has got to be JUMPING in MUDDY PUDDLES!! Unfortunately for me, that is also the messiest, but never mind, seeing them have fun has got to be the best thing in the world!

What is your kids favourite thing to do?

Have your kids completed this list?
What would you add to this list?

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Activity Thursday….

Words activity thursdayThis weeks activities have obviously involved a lot of Easter.picture of egg shape cut outs

We made an Easpicture of an easter egg garlandter egg chain (garland) as a family, to get us in the mood for Easter. I cut some paper egg shapes out, punched 2 holes in the top of each. We all decorated an egg (or several, as the kids enjoyed it so much, they just kept going!), then I threaded a string through them all so we could hang them across the fireplace. Such a simple activity, yet the kids certainly found it one of the most enjoyable!

Picture of little children doing an egg and spoon race

We have enjoyed some simple egg and spoon races in the garden, though getting 3 yr olds to understand they shouldn’t hold the egg, only the spoon, takes some doing. There was a lot of cheating going on!

With the unusPicture of a father and daughter mowing the lawn togetherual appearance of the sun (albeit a little chilly still), there has been some father, daughter lawn mowing bonding going on. Did feel a little unusual, having to mow around a pile of snow still not melted from the snowman made the week before!

To see the rest of our Easter egg hunting activities please read my previous post creating Easter traditions.

Today we have enjoyed creating a cardboard box car. I had a large box, showed BB and said “what shall we do with this?” He suggested making a car, so we did. I love it when the ideas come from the children. I stuck paper plates on the sides for wheels and a steering wheel, shaped the box a little and there you have a car, to provide hours of fun!!

picture of children in a cardboard box car

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Activity Thursday – easter bunnies and crown

I love organising activities for my children, but sometimes I also like them to think about what they could do. So this week I got out the box of junk modelling bits, glue, scissors, pens etc and let them loose to see what they could come up with. This is the result:

Picture of an easter bunny made from a toilet rollPicture of toddler with her easter bunny craft creation

picture of toddler feeding her easter bunny craft creation

The twins made an easter bunny from a toilet roll, obviously they had help (as they are a bit young yet), but they did decide they wanted to make an easter bunny, which I thought was great. What was even better, was when they finished, they actually played with them. The picture above is of pinky feeding her bunny raisins.

BB on the other hand didn’t want to make this, he decided he wanted to make a crown, to be a king! This is what he created (by himself).

Picture of boy with his home made crown onI think organised and planned activities are great, but it can be even better sometimes, to let kids have a go at whatever they fancy, use their imagination and see what they come up with. It makes for some interesting results!

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