It’s Fete Time

Picture of a village feteThe sun is shining, the summer is here. It’s the time of year for fetes.

I love fetes, especially now I have children. Watching them enjoy all that goes on at a fete is wonderful.

My favourite type of fete has to be a village fete. Now, I was brought up in a village, but unfortunately I don’t live there any more. My parents are still living in the village and they now, almost single-handedly, (with a bit of help from other committee members of course) organise and run their local village fete. It is such hard work for them and they do an amazing job. The fete really promotes the feeling of  local community spirit.

Each year we head back to the village to help with the fete. This year was no exception. Twin life daddy was there on the village green, at 7am, with my dad, marking out all the pitches and putting up gazebos etc. It is hard work, but a local villager often brings out, all the helpers a bacon butty to refuel them.

picture of setting up a fete stall

We all came and helped the setting up of stalls, including my mums paint your own moulds and hook the duck game. It is good fun and BB loved watching the man set up the train roundabout, he did not leave his side til it was done, he was absolutely fascinated (I think he may be an engineer in the making, like his daddy).

picture of a train roundabout

Every year there is a scarecrow competition. This year, it was to be in the theme of children’s characters. My mum made Mr Strong, which the children were very impressed with. The day before the fete, we scooted round the village on a scarecrow hunt, looking for all the scarecrows. We found a gruffalo, the tin man (my kids wouldn’t stop calling him Mr Can for some reason), another Mr Strong, the BFG and another one I have not heard of before. My mum didn’t win, but I think they were all amazing. We brought Mr Strong to sit by our stall for everyone to see.Picture of children withscarecrows

Picture of scarecrows

There were lots of stalls and games. BB had a go at the coconut shy, desperate to try a coconut. He did manage to hit one, but unfortunately didn’t have the strength to knock it off, while daddy twin life didn’t even hit it, beaten by his 5 yr old son!!

I was really impressed that BB entered the children’s races. I didn’t think he would do it, but not only did he enter, he actually won the egg and spoon race! One very proud mummy and daddy!

picture of childrens bean bag race

Pinky and Boo loved painting a hello kitty mould and making it into a necklace.

picture of children paining at a fete

There was a tug of war at the end of the fete, children versus the adults, and can you believe who won?? Yes, the children won!! I couldn’t believe it. Some of the adults got so carried away though, they nearly ended up in my mums stall, knocking over a chair and  the splat the rat.

It was a really great fete, fun had by all. It truely brings a wonderful community feel. At one point, I felt like I could have been standing on the set for ‘the vicar of Dibley’. My dad should be really proud of what he achieves organising it. He didn’t get back home until 8pm for a very well-earned rest!

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15 Responses to It’s Fete Time

  1. Rachel Hirst says:

    What a lovely fete, i used to love going with my 2 boys, My youngest will still go but has an obsession with tombola costs me a fortune!
    They are so much cheaper when they are younger.

    • karen bell says:

      Yes, you think going to a fete will be a nice cheap afternoon, but it never is, especially with lots of kids

  2. Looks a brilliant day :-) And yes, your dad should feel proud, as I’m sure you are of him. And I was thinking ‘Vicar of Dibley’ while reading!

    • karen bell says:

      I am very proud of my dad for achieving that and yes It is so vicar of Dibley! I love it :)

  3. ginandcornflakes2013 says:

    I absolutely love a fete! Love, love, love them! Tombola is my favourite. And smash the plates! Lovely pics xx

  4. indreamworld says:

    I absolutely love fetes, and have great memories of going to them when I was little!

  5. Stix says:

    The photos are great, your parents obviously put in a lot of time and effort to make it so great.
    We don’t have any local fetes here which is such a shame. I love Splat the Rat! #pocolo

    • karen bell says:

      Thanks, yes, it’s such a shame when local fetes stop. My parents have so much difficulty getting people to help with their fete, thats why we come and help. It’s quite sad really.

  6. What a GORGEOUS fete, and what a fabulous job your parents did with putting it all together.

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks Mid Mid-Week Blog Hop xx

  7. There is nothing as summery and traditionally british as a summer fete. Love it! Great photos. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  8. Coombe Mill says:

    Village Fetes are great, the community spirit and atmosphere make it such a perfect day. Well done to your parents for organising such a great event.

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