Daytime camping

Daytime campingAs a child I have fond memories of camping (well caravanning actually, but lets not split hairs). I love the thought of being outdoors, fresh air and nature. I remember having lots of fun. We had games with all the children on the campsite joining in, many laughs, horses in tents and wellies stuck in mud, just to remember a few things.

Some people would look back at my stories and think, it sounds terrible! But I don’t, I look back and think what fun and great family holidays we had. (I think my brother may say differently, he didn’t like so much walking and roughing it on a campsite).

This is what I would like to do with my children, bring them up to enjoy the great outdoors, walking, nature and generally having great fun outside. However, we have not been brave enough yet to take three children under six camping. So, to give them a taste of it, last weekend, we went to the New Forest, stayed in my parents static caravan, but spent the whole day on the campsite close by, where a group of close friends were camping.

Daytime camping tents

The children loved it. We arrived at the tents saturday morning for breakfast, which was cooked on the burner (for 17 people!). Unfortunately, during breakfast there was a very heavy shower, we all got a bit wet, but that didn’t spoil things and the rain then stopped. There was however, a huge, sudden gust of wind which blew one of the gazebos up in the air, completely turned upside down and snapped! These are the camping stories I remember as a child.

We spent the morning flying kites, perfect conditions for it. The children absolutely loved flying the kites. It was the first time they had been able to properly get involved. They were actually able to fly the kites by themselves (though, I was rather worried they would just let go). It is such a basic activity to do, but great fun. BB even got to have a go with the stunt kite, though, we couldn’t let go of BB as he would have taken off with the kite!

daytime camping kite flying

Lunch was very nice before going on a lovely walk together down to the sea to look at some boats.

daytime camping walk to the sea

Back at the campsite there were ball games and frisbee, along with more kite flying, while our good friends made a proper campfire and cooked us a lovely dinner on it. The children were fascinated by this campfire. Then, came the best part, toasting marshmallows on the fire and eating them in-between chocolate biscuits (if you’ve never done that – GO DO IT, it is one of those things, I believe, you should have a go at).

daytime camping campfire and toasting marshmallows

Eventually, we had to say goodbye to our friends for the night as the children were tired and head back to the caravan for a nice comfy, warm bed!

The next day we headed back to the campsite for breakfast. Unfortunately, it was raining and horrible, so, in the end, we just had breakfast in the tent (which was a good experience for the children), then packed up and left for home.

It was a fantastic weekend, with great friends, in the great outdoors, with lots of new experiences.

I would like to quickly say, thank you to all our friends for giving the children such an amazing daytime camping experience.

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26 Responses to Daytime camping

  1. What a brilliant idea to give your children a taste of camping. So will you go for it and camp properly next time?

    • karen bell says:

      We are thinking about camping properly next year. My only worry, is that we have 3 very very noisy children (you ask any of my friends, they will agree!), and I worry how noisy they will be at 6am!

  2. We love camping and we are the crazies who do it overnight too! Though I think daytime camping is starting to appeal now it’s fast approaching winter.

    • karen bell says:

      Daytime camping was great fun, but I would like them to experience proper camping too.

  3. I love that you camped but didn’t have to endure a cold, uncomfortable night in a tent! I love, love, love going camping, but never get any sleep as I can never get warm. The static caravan sounds like a wonderful resource that you have available to you.

  4. How great to have the use of the caravan but for the children to be able to sample camping! What a great time you all had, the photos look bright and sunny with lots of outdoor fun in a beautiful location. Thanks for linking up and sharing your camping adventures with Country Kids.

    • karen bell says:

      The children had such a great time (with sunshine between the rain). We are going to have to brave the proper camping, next year (maybe?) :)

  5. Pinkoddy says:

    Looks and sounds fab. We go to the beach to fly a camp. Can’t say we’ve ever had a real fire so really must try that.

  6. tiasmum12 says:

    I love this post, I had never been camping before I met my now husband. But he like you, grew up doing it. We very recently took our one year old camping. In an actual tent! Pop over and have a read if you get a chance.

    Popped over from magic moments.

    • karen bell says:

      We did take my son camping when he was 18 months, it rained the whole time, I had morning sickness with my twins at the time and we just thought, there is no way we would be able to take 3 children under 3 camping, so sold our tent. But we do plan to start camping again soon x

      • tiasmum12 says:

        Eeeeeek! Sounds like you needed a holiday to get over that holiday lol. We went camping last year when I was pregnant and I hated it!

        • karen bell says:

          Yeah, maybe it’s partly a pregnancy thing?

          • tiasmum12 says:

            It won’t have helped lol. I could not get down on to my bed easily, then could not get comfortable, plus hormones count for a lot lol. We booked for a week and left on day three! Fed up.

          • karen bell says:

            Oh dear. Just read your camping with a toddler post, sounds like you had more fun this time, despite how hard it is with a toddler camping x

  7. MummyTries says:

    Oh wow, what a great time you all had! Fab pics too xx #MagicMoments

  8. Colette Burgess says:

    What a lot of fun!
    My little man is desperate to go camping – he’ll be waiting till next year tho ;)

  9. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww Karen it looks like you had such an amazing time!

    thank you for sharing with #MagicMoments x

  10. Oh, I want to go daytime camping now! I just need friends who we can tag along with since neither my husband nor I are experienced campers. I adore the outdoors but must admit overnight camping sounds too hard. Perhaps, it’s because we have four very active children 6 and under.

    And I am curious what is a static caravan?

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party! Hope to see you again in two weeks.

    • karen bell says:

      A static caravan is a very large caravan (so large you can’t tow it), that stays where it is, my parents one has 3 bedrooms, 2 proper toilets, shower, kitchen with oven, fire, central heating…..not really like a caravan at all! It’s great!

  11. Emily Organ says:

    I love the idea of daytime camping and staying somewhere more comfortable for the night where the children don’t get up at 4am! My husband took our boys camping in the summer and they had just about no sleep at all.

  12. Jay Davids says:

    Loved the opening line of this article, because they are really are the same, I never went on a caravan trip with out a few tents!

    Nice piece!

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