Identical or Non-Identical twins?

Identical or Non-Identical twins?

I have found it fascinating reading all about twins and different types of twins, whilst researching the information to write on my ‘twin facts and information‘ page on my website. It is really interesting to find out about how twins are formed and develop.

One reason why I found it particularly interesting is because when I was pregnant with my twins I was told all the way through that I was having non-identical twins. This was because they had 2 placentas and 2 sacs (luckily the least risky type). I just took their word for it, not realising that just because there are 2 placentas and 2 sacs does not necessarily mean they are non-identical twins! Great I thought, at least I won’t have the trouble of telling them apart. Then, when they were born, they looked the same. We didn’t think anything of it at first as many newborns look very similar. Then as time passed, everyone kept saying they must be identical, how do you tell them apart? But to us they looked different, but at around 18 months I got fed up with arguing with people, so I had the DNA test done and it came back that they are in fact identical with 99.9% identical DNA!! I was so shocked.

I know that it makes no difference whether they are identical or not, but I think my twins would want to know later on and for medical reasons it is a good thing to know, especially as one of my twins has a heart problem.

I do find it fascinating when I think about identical twins. They have 99.9% identical DNA and they have been brought up exactly the same and yet their personalities could not be more different. Also, one of my twins has a heart problem, the other doesn’t (as far as we know), one has one pupil larger than the other, while the other twin doesn’t and one twin has a birth mark that the other twin doesn’t have. What has made these differences?? Unfortunately I can’t answer that question, but I find it very interesting to think about it.

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