Newborn Twins

Picture of newborn identical twin girls20 tiny fingers and 20 tiny toes, your babies are here at last!

The birth of your babies can be very overwhelming, the rush of feelings and emotions you have for them is amazing, no words can describe it! Just don’t be suprised if you shed a tear or two (even the toughest of dads!).

Your life as you know it is now going to get a whole lot tougher than ever. But, it will  also get a whole lot richer and fuller as it is just wonderful watching these 2 tiny bundles, grow together, side by side!

Be prepared

It is best to be as prepared as you can for when your babies arrive.

    • Names – It is a good idea to have a list of names prepared in advance, as it is best for bonding to be able to identify each baby by name straight off.
    • Clothing – Think about what you would like your babies to wear at first, as you may need to use this to work out who is who to start with (even if they are non-identical). I put one twin in pink and the other in yellow, which was great (the only down side is that when I changed them I had to struggle to identify which twin was which).
    • Identity -Think about how you are going to learn to tell them apart. Are you going to dress them differently, eg colours, stripes, spots etc or you could paint a toenail of one? This should only be a temporary measure while you are getting to know your babies, after which you will be able to identify them easily.
    • Breast or bottle feeding? – Have a think about whether you would like to breast feed or bottle feed. We all know breast is certainly best for the babies, but it is not always easy learning to breast feed 1 baby let alone 2. I would strongly recommend, even if you are definate you want to breast feed, that you get some bottles, steriliser and formula milk in just in case things don’t go as you plan. (that is something I learnt the hard way)
    • Equipment - Try to get all the things you will need before the babies arrive, but try not to get too carried away buying 2 of everything, as you really don’t need 2 of everything.
    • Routine – It may seem rediculously early to be thinking of routines, but from the very beginning, the best tip I could give anyone with newborn twins is, feed your babies together, when one baby wakes for a feed, wake the other to feed. It may not be easy, but in the long run I believe it is the best way to go, otherwise you will feel like you are permenantly feeding all day long.
    • Slow cooker – I personally found a slow cooker was invaluable, it meant I could prepare the meal at the time of day that was convenient to me and the babies, and ensured we got a nice nutritious meal at the end of the day. And you can often freeze any left overs for another day.

Last of all, ENJOY these first moments of getting to know your babies. Time goes so quick, remember to cherish your time as much as you can.

Picture of a proud mum holding her newborn twin girls

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