Equipment for newborn twins

When you start thinking about all the equipment you may need for your twins, it can be very daunting and lots of people assume you need two of everything, but you definitely DON’T need 2 of everything. Enjoy shopping for equipment and clothes for your new babies, but try not to get carried away, you probably don’t need as much as you think. Also, remember you will probably be given lots of clothes and toys from friends and family when your babies arrive, so don’t buy too many newbaby clothes (as they also grow so quick too!).picture of newborn twins and their big brother in their buggy

I have put together a list of equipment that I found useful. I hope it helps:


  • 2 cots and 6 fitted sheets (you may only use 1 cot at first if they share, but will eventually need 2 cots, mine went into separate cots at 12 weeks)
  • 2 Moses baskets and stands with Moses basket sheets for downstairs OR I found a travel cot they shared much better for in the lounge (so Moses baskets are not essential)
  • 4 Swaddle sheets (if you would like to swaddle them, I found it useful, but not essential)
  • If not swaddling then you will need sheets and blankets until they are big enough for sleeping bags (which are the best invention!)
  • 4 Sleeping bags (note, most sleeping bags have a minimum weight of approx 8lb, please check the label)
  • Baby monitor


  • Nursing cushion (whether breast or bottle feeding it is very useful) OR an ordinary V cushion works fine
  • Breast pads
  • Breast pump
  • 1 steriliser and 8-16 bottles (how many bottles depends if you plan to breast or bottle feed)
  • Formula milk (even if you plan to breast feed, I found it very useful to have a pack in, just in case, as I learnt the hard way, when I had my son, and my husband had to rush out to the shop when I was very sick to get formula)
  • Muslin (lots)
  • 6 Bibs


  • 1 or 2 changing mats
  • Nappies (disposable or reusable)
  • Cotton wool and bowl
  • Wipes
  • Nappy sacks
  • Nappy rash cream (eg sudocrem)


  • 1 Baby bath
  • 4 Baby towels
  • Baby wash and lotion (you may not use at first, it was weeks before I used anything except water on my babies)
  • Wash cloths


  • 14 vests (approx)
  • 14 sleepsuits (approx)
  • 4 hats
  • Scratch mitts (mine never used, but some babies need them)
  • 4 cardigans/jackets
  • Pram suit (depending on the time of year)
  • Above are just your essentials, I am sure you will have a lot more than this, but try not to get too carried away with all the gorgeous baby clothes, they grow so quick!

Going out

  • 1 Double buggy (you need to spend time researching the right buggy for you, read reviews, go along to your local twins group, speak to other twin mummies about their best buggies, try some out. I have had several, but the overall winner for me personally has to be the out n about nipper 360)
  • 2 Car seats (again, do some research on them in relation to your car, for example, we had to change carspicture of proud parents with their newborn twins in the double buggy when our twins came along as we could not get 3 car seats across the back of our car. Try to think in advance, as we learnt the hard way, having to go car shopping, after giving birth to twins only 4 days before!!)
  • 1 Nappy bag (I think you can get bags for twins, but they are expensive and you don’t need it, just an ordinary changing bag is fine, just make sure it is a big one)
  • If you plan to go anywhere with your twins over night, you will need a travel cot (only 1 whilst they are small, but you will need 2 later on)


  • 2 Bouncy chairs
  • 1 play gym
  • 1 Thermometer (I find the ear digital thermometer the best for children and babies)
  • 1 Nail clippers/scissors
  • Hair brush
  • Baby record book and CAMERA! (with batteries. Don’t miss any of those precious moments)

 picture of newborn identical twin boys



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