Newborn twins and sleep

Picture of newborn twin boys sleepingOne of the most difficult part of caring for newborn babies (twins or singleton), I believe is sleep deprivation! The problem with having twins is that, this sleep deprivation can be so much worse. This is due to having to feed two babies and change two babies in the night, as well as trying to settle two babies. It has got to be more time-consuming!

I have been very lucky with all three of my children and they all slept through the night (12 hours) from just 10 weeks old. It was such a relief when they slept through, it makes the days seem so much more manageable, and you get your evenings back!

Every baby is different and there is no way of predicting when your baby will sleep through, but here are a few tips that I found useful that might help:

  • Try to establish a good calm bedtime routine, from early on. An example of a good bedtime routine could be – Bath at 6pm, then a baby massage, then milk and story (even though they won’t understand the story, they will like the calm sound of your voice) and then in bed by 7pm.
  • Try to put your babies down drowsy, but not asleep (you don’t want them to get used to only being able to get to sleep whilst being held).

    Picture of newborn non identical twin girls swaddled

    Newborn twins swaddled

  • Try swaddling your babies. Mine loved being swaddled and it seemed to signify to them this is now the time to snuggle in and sleep.
  • Put your twins down to sleep at the same time every night together. Try to keep the twins sleep schedule the same.
  • When one twin wakes for a feed, wake the other one to feed at the same time. Otherwise it will feel like you are up feeding all night long.
  • Keep night feeds dark and quiet. When feeding and changing in the night, keep the room dimly lit, with minimal talking and stimulation.
  • Nights off. Being up half the night, every night is extremely exhausting, so if you are able to, get your partner to give you a night or 2 off. With my first son, my husband used to do the night feeds at weekends, while I did them in the week. With the twins, we both shared the night feeds together, as I still had to be on the ball the next day with a toddler too, so we shared the burden equally. (I know I was very lucky and have a very supportive husband).

Just remember, the sleep deprivation does not last forever, it will come to an end. In the mean time, your body will adjust to the lack of sleep, it will get easier. Try to rest and sleep whenever you can.

But one lovely thing though, I used to love just standing silently, watching my babies sleeping together side by side in the cot. It is one of those most magical moments with newborn twins! Loved it!!

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