Post natal depression

Newborn twins are hard work, so there is no wonder the prevalence of post natal depression is greatly increased in mothers of twins. I believe most mums have a bit of depression or ‘baby blues’ at some point. It may be straight after the birth, or it may be a year or so later. It may come as full-blown depression or it may be you are feeling down for a bit. Whatever form it takes, however mild or strong, you are not alone and it is completely understandable.

Having one baby is hard enough and life changing, but when you have two babies at the same time, it is even harder.

Some signs of postnatal depression:

  • Cry at the slightest thing
  • can’t stop crying
  • irritability
  • poor appetite
  • anxiety
  • memory loss/unable to concentrate
  • sleeplessness
  • feelings of hopelessness
  • panic attacks
  • loss of interest in the babies
  • aches and pains and feeling unwell

These are a few signs to look out for. If you think you may be suffering from postnatal depression or even just feeling a bit low, tell someone. It is really important to share these feelings, whether it is with your health visitor, midwife, partner, doctor or friend.

Make an appointment with your GP, they are there to help. It is not a sign that you are a ‘bad mother’ or that you are not able to cope, lots of mums go through this, especially with twins.

Some organisations that may be able to help:

Association for postnatal illness

Meet-a-Mum Association (MAMA)

Please don’t suffer in silence, tell your partner, tell your family, they will want to help.

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