Tips and routines for newborn twins

Picture of non identical newborn twin girls sleeping in a hospital cotThis is my personal experience of having newborn twins and what worked well for me. You could use this as a guide to finding what suits you and your family. Not everyone likes routine and some people and babies thrive on it more than others, this is how I feel about it.

From the moment your gorgeous newborn twins arrive, your life will be turned upside down and any routine you had pre twins will have disappeared out of the window. That is the same for any newborn baby (not just twins). Then gradually things usually start to develop into a pattern, for example your babies may begin to feed every 3-4 hours, then sleep, then wake, then feed again. Once a pattern has begun to appear, you may then slowly see a routine naturally emerging.

I helped this process along from very early on. I developed a bedtime routine where they were bathed, fed and story read and in bed by 7pm. Once they were sleeping through, we also made them stay in bed until 7am and treated any feed etc before 7am as night-time. This has worked very well for us, but as all babies are different, you should use this as a guide to working out your own routines.

Babies are continuously changing, you think you have got into a nice routine and everything is working really well, then all of a sudden something changes and you have to adapt things again. I have learnt that you must become very adaptable and open-minded being a twin mummy.

One other piece of advice I would give, is that even when you have your perfect routine organised, you should remember, you also need to be a bit flexible, otherwise you will never get out of the house, and when you have twins, believe me, in the long run, it is easier getting out with twins than it is staying at home all day every day!

At first it seems like everything is going to be upside down forever, but I promise it won’t. Things will settle down. If you are having problems, speak to your health visitor. Also, I would recommend going along to your local twins club, they are a wealth of information as they have all been through it and everyone has different ideas of things you could try to help as well as providing you with support.

Don’t expect miracles, they are newborn babies who know nothing about night time and day time or sleep and wakefulness etc. But your babies will learn and will settle down in time.

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