A poem for Daddy

I wrote this poem for Father’s Day…..

Daddy We Love You

Daddy we love you
We love your magic touch
when we bump our heads
or scrape our knees
you are there to pick us up.
Daddy we love you
We love you playing with us
when you tickle our tummies
or play rough and tumble
you are there to laugh with us.
Daddy we love you
We love you teaching us
when you read us stories
or show us how things go
You are there to fix everything.
Daddy we love you
We love you holding us tight
when you hold our little hands
or tuck us in at night
you are there to hug us.
Daddy we love you
you are our best friend
our guide, our hero,
we love you all the way to the moon and back
Picture of family at highclere castle doing an easter egg hunt


If you are looking for ideas to do for fathers day, take a look at what Twinlife daddy and Grandad are going to get here.

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13 Responses to A poem for Daddy

  1. Awww what a beautiful poem. I love it! Thankyou for joining in with Wednesday Words xx

  2. WallyMummy says:

    awww x that is so cute! Has he read it yet or is it a surprise for Father’s Day on Sunday? Either way I bet he loved it xxx

    • karen bell says:

      Thanks. He’s not seen it yet. He is under strict instructions not to look on here this week :)

  3. Beautiful, I’m sure he’s going to love it

  4. Just in time for Father’s day. Might try and write my own poem for Father’s day now!

  5. judithkingston says:

    What a lovely father’s day gift! I may have to do the same, what a great idea.

  6. That’s such a cute, lovely poem, and so perfect for Father’s Day. What a wonderful idea x

  7. Helen Braid says:

    Dads are heroes! This sums it up perfectly x

  8. Cathie B says:

    I love the last verse; to the moon and back – just beautiful x

  9. He is truly going to love this. How wonderfully written – it really sums up everything a dad should be. Thank you so much for linking to Prose For Thought xx

  10. nylonliving says:

    Really sweet poem! Thanks for sharing. I’m here from the Blog Hop (not a poetry creator myself).

  11. Helen says:

    Lovely poem listing all the things that make a great Dad!

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