Is homework for the children or the parents??

Picture of the school teddy bear and his journal

The school teddy bear

My son started school this year (aged 4-5). I can’t believe how much homework he gets already!

He has a reading book 3 times a week and some phonics homework every week. Then last week, he came home with the school teddy bear! We had to take photos and write about the teddy’s day with us. Now, is that homework for the children or the parents?! My son couldn’t take the photos, or print them off, or even write about it in the book. So who had to do all this? Yes, me, mummy!

Don’t get me wrong, I know he has to practice reading at home etc, but I did think the bear journal was a little excessive, seeing as he can hardly write yet! However, BB was so excited to bring the bear home, it was lovely to see him excited about some homework.

I know children have to do homework, I know children need to practice reading and I really do want to help BB with this, but is it necessary at such a young age to have as much as this (though, I am sure some of you will tell me your children have more than this)? I suppose it sets them up for the idea that they will always get homework from school and they just need to get used to it.

Boy pretending to feed the school teddy bear

BB feeding the school teddy bear

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do children get too much homework, or do you think they should get more?


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5 Responses to Is homework for the children or the parents??

  1. mehroo02 says:

    Hi there, I do share your thoughts about homework. My child also had a similar activity to do in pre-school and while I must say we did have fun taking Teddy around everywhere clicking pics, the downloading and printing was no fun … but if you see it in the light of him talking about his experiences in school, pointing out to each pic as he spoke then that would be a tremendous boost to his confidence and communication levels. How much HW depends on the country, school you send your child to. I spent half my life mugging up books so am glad they don’t have too much pressure here in International schools. I live in Hong Kong.,

    • karen bell says:

      Hi, yes, the teddy homework was enjoyed, it just felt like I did most of it. Now my son has to research life in 1910 over the Easter holidays, think I will be doing that too. Is the school system in Hong Kong similar to uk?

  2. Carly says:

    I totally agree there is way too much homework for such a young age. Yes children do need some homework, they need to learn about that responsibility and know that learning is important and can (should) also be fun and interesting, but seriously at 5? They are just kids, let them be kids.

  3. Pinkoddy says:

    It was less scary to release that your boy is now in year 1 and didn’t start last week and already has 3 books lol.
    You will be pleased to know that they have less homework in year 1! Same with when they go to secondary (in my limited experience) seems they pile it on to get them all to the same standard and then it lessens. But yes as they age the more you are expected to do/help them find.
    What my kids have learned is that Google is my answer to everything.
    Thank you for linking up with Motivational Monday x

    • karen bell says:

      Thank you. Dreading the thought of 3 children all needing help at the same time. It’s hard enough now with only one in school. Good to know it might improve though.

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