Letter fun

Little children learn through play. Now my twins are in their last year before starting school, I thought I should try introducing them a bit more to letters. I want to make it fun, and hope they just pick things up through repetition and hands on exploration.

This is what we are playing……

Giant alphabet jigsaw puzzle

We worked together to complete a giant floor alphabet puzzle, singing the alphabet song as we did it. We had fun discussing the letters and trying to work out what each letter sounds like.

Musical letters

We played a game of musical letters. Basically, musical bumps, but with letters.

I wrote out several letters on different coloured paper and spread them over the floor. We danced around to music and when the music stopped I called out a letter which they had to find and sit on.

It was great fun, they got exercise, music, dancing and letter learning all at the same time! They laughed and giggled excitedly the whole time. It is well worth a play if you get the chance.

Musical letters game

Sorry about the blurry photos, but the children were having so much fun dancing around I couldn’t get a non blurry picture!

Gel writing

Learning to write can be difficult, so it is good to give children opportunities for different ways of practicing writing, where they can get hands on with textures etc and where it doesn’t always feel like they are sitting down with pen and paper.

I got a plastic sealable bag and put some hair gel (very cheap from any supermarket) in it. Sealed the bag and voila…..the children can play around and explore with making letter shapes.

Letter fun gel writingMy children all had fun with these games and explorations. I will be using these again, as they will need lots of repetition before they start recognising letters. But the key is to make it fun and they will love it!

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12 Responses to Letter fun

  1. chazzkit says:

    I love this ! Little mid a little too young for letters but going to have a go anyways :-)!

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    I blogged our letter lerning journey but somehow we got stuck on U – that was with my year1 boy so ought to finish it with my now reception son. These are fantastic ideas – I particularly like the music one as he loves a lot of movement.

    • karen bell says:

      Yes, you must finish the letters, I am always after ideas for how to introduce letters in a fun way. My favourite was the musical letters too, they had so much fun playing that :)

  3. Dawn Frazier says:

    That looks like fun! My children also used to like trying to write their names in sand and my son used to like to line his cars up to make letters too. Great things to help them with learning to grip a pencil are getting them to help with pegging the washing out, because the pegging helps to strengthen the muscles they use for writing. Also large nuts and bolts are great. Unscrewing and screwing them back up helps the same muscles. Someone recently told me that getting them on the monkey bars at the park is also beneficial. All these things are fun for them so they don’t even realise it serves a purpose!

    • karen bell says:

      Thank you for your ideas, I hand forgotten about the sand idea, we must do that.
      My children absolutely love playing on the monkey bars (we have some in the garden), so thats great if it is helping their writing skills at the same time :)

  4. Love the gel writing especially – Have pinned :)

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    What an amazing idea, I completely love this. I’ve pinned it, and am definitely going to be doing this.

    Nipping over from Tuesday Tots.

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