3 Sprouts Backseat Organiser, Black,Blue,White

3 Sprouts Backseat Organiser, Black,Blue,White

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Kids always want lots of things in the car on a journey from their drinks cup to toys, colouring books and pencils, snacks, or even their game boy (or whatever handheld games console they use these days!!). Why not buy a 3 Sprouts Backseat Organiser which will hold all of these items and more? It also has the added benefit of protecting the back of your driver’s seat from those muddy footprints!It has 6 pockets which can hold a multitude of items and is a universal design so it will fit most cars. Its made of nylon so it will wipe clean easily too! It measures 56 x 33cm and features 3 Sprout’s characteristic animal designs.

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