BabyDan ‘No Trip’ Metal Safety Gate


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The BabyDan No Trip Safety Gate will provide them with some freedom to explore but within a safe play area. This gate opens in either direction and with one hand just to make things a little easier, and there are no bars or foot plates to trip over. Quick release fittings allow you to take the gate down and put it back up with ease should you want to move it out of sight when your little one is not around. Ideal for high-traffic areas, the No Trip Gate comes with a two-way opening mechanism and no trip bar so you can get in and out with ease. The gate is a “NO TRIP” gate meaning there isn’t a trip bar so ideal for tops of stairs and for busy doorways where a trip bar could be a hazard. The gate stands at a height of 73 cm, and features a wide walk-through area suited for openings between 72 and 78.5 cm. Meets European safety standard EN1930:2012. Made in Denmark