Babymoov Expert Care Audio Baby Monitor


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Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors… all devices that emit electromagnetic waves around your baby. There is evidence that babies are much more sensitive to waves because their brain, which is still developing, absorbs 60% more waves than the brain of an adult! Babymoov offers a complete range of Low Emission Baby Monitors whose transmission power doesn’t exceed 10 mW whereas some digital technologies use 25mW! The Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor uses “Digital Green Technology”: a new technology that combines the zero interference of digital technology and thanks to a Low Emission power of 1,25 mW, your baby can sleep and grow without any risk of the wave’s exposure! The Expert Care has a generous 1000 meter range allows the parents and baby to be in separate parts of the house or garden without losing connection, whilst the zero interference means there’s no risk of picking up other monitors or radio signals. Also, the…