Babymoov Hygro Humidifier


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Just like temperature, moisture can affect the well-being and comfort of your baby. Too much or too little humidity and mould and mites can grow and spread more easily, causing problems for those of all ages. The ideal humidity is between 40-50% and the Babymoov Hygro Humidifier can help maintain that ideal.Using this humidifier, you can clean the air in the room and reduce dust and pollen in your little one’s bedroom any time of the year. It runs quietly at between 20-30 decibels and uses ultrasound to create a cold steam which is distributed in the room. You can adjust the quantity of the steam to suit the humidity, and when the water level gets low, the Hygro humidifier will automatically shut off.The humidifier holds a maximum water capacity of 1.8L and can generate up to 250ml per hour of steam, which means it can run from between 7 and 18 hours before the water level gets low enough to shut down, depending on the setting. It’s powered by a 220V – 240V / 50Hz adaptor which is included.This beautifully designed humidifier will help clean the air in your baby’s room and help to stop the symptoms of ailments like asthma, coughing, bronchitis and some allergic reactions which makes it an essential piece for any nursery.1.8-litre capacityGenerates up to 250ml of steam per hour, runs up to 18 hours depending on settingEasy to use, quiet to run, adjustable steam flowAutomatic shut off when water level gets lowLifetime warranty from Babymoov with registration

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