Babymoov Squeezy Nightlight, Clear,White

Babymoov Squeezy Nightlight, Clear,White

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Give it a squeeze and it will glow! The Babymoov Squeezy Nightlight can be activated with a little squeeze thanks to its air sensor technology. Give it a go and watch it glow- the cute design gives 2.1w of power for up to 12 hours but automatically shuts off after 30 minutes to conserve energy. A micro-USB cable is included so that you can charge up the internal battery again. The compact design can be held easily by any child and the cute looks make it a perfect soft bedtime companion.Babymoov offers a lifetime warranty on all their products, you simply need to register within 2 months of your purchase date. Babymoov is a French company with a pedigree in producing gorgeous designs as well as useful and robust products.Soft nightlight Made from silicone Chargeable with included Micro USB cable 2.1w with 12-hour battery life 30-minute timer



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