Babymoov Touch Screen Video Baby Monitor


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The new Touch Screen baby monitor from BabyMoov is packed with modern technology and features to make keeping an eye on your little one a breeze. The main advantage of this baby monitor is the large digital screen (3 5” touch-screen numerical quality image) that can be divided into 4 sections, so that you have multiple views of your baby. It features a range of up to 250m in line sight, allowing you to move around the house without disconnecting. It is equipped with VOX technology (voice-activated) meaning the monitor will only fully activate when it detects a noise. When baby is sleeping soundly the monitor goes into “stand-by” mode and emissions are further reduced as the signal becomes less frequent. The Touch Screen monitor includes a temperature indicator, low battery indicator, adjustable volume, distance alarm It also has a walkie-talkie function, SD card reader, a TV connection and a USB port The monitor has 3 lullabies and a nightlight that will help your little one sleep peacefully Features: The Touch Screen baby monitor has a 3.5″ touch screen for a digital quality image. Its adjustable camera angle has a range of 250 metres. VOX function, you save battery power and reduce wave emissions when the baby monitor is in sleep mode. 3 lullabies and nightlight which are activated remotely Programmable motion sensor. Up to 4 cameras can be connected up to the same device. The screen can then be divided into 4 to monitor all the images. Talk-back function enabling you to reassure baby without going into the nursery. The video recording and photo capture features allow you to capture precious moments & comes with a micro SD card reader TV connection and USB port to play these back.

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