Badabulle Luminous Soothers – Have Fun (Girl), Pink,White


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From the extensive French designed range comes the Badabulle Luminous Soothers! These soothers all come in a pack of 2 with an ergonomically shaped vented collar. There are several designs and three different sizes to choose from; 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-36 months, so that whatever your baby’s size, the silicone soothers can adapt to your little one mouth as it grows.These soothers have a luminous centre so that when it falls out of baby’s mouth at night time you can find it easily for them, or they can wake up and find it themselves without shouting out for you- a really handy feature.The 12-36 month size soothers are grooved and reinforced to cope with baby’s little milk teeth. Some of these soothers are reversible which means baby can put it the right way up or down in its mouth, and some of them are physiologically shaped to adapt to the babies mouth and teeth.

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