Badabulle Shopping Trolley Cover, Blue,Grey,Red,White,Yellow


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Have you got a child that won’t sit still in the trolley but you really need to do the big shop? Or maybe they keep trying to chew the handlebar or the coin attachment chain? The Badabulle Shopping Trolley Cover can help with these problems!The shopping trolley cover fits nicely into a regular shopping cart, covering the potentially dirty seat with a nice soft padded and colourful cover, and going over the hard edges of te seat back and covering the handlebars too. The cover has two leg holes cut out and two soft hanging attachments for your little one to play with and hold onto whilst you get on with the hard work! Please note, this product will make your child more comfortable but won’t do anything about those dodgy wobbly wheels on the trolley.Shopping trolley coverFolds away into provided bag when not in useCovers handle, seat and seat backSoft, padded, colourful material with attachmentsSuitable from when baby is able to sit upright in regular trolley unassisted5-year warranty from Badabulle with registration and proof of purchase

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