Badabulle Travel Bottle Warmer, Black


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It’s never been easier to warm up your child’s bottle when out and about than with the Badabulle Travel Bottle Warmer! A brilliant design that works without having to plug into any electricity or external power source: you simply twist the cap and it will warm up anything inside, and keep it warm.The warmer consists of a PVC heating case filled with a special non-toxic liquid that solidifies when cold and liquifies when warm. So when you twist the pad, it warms up in just 12 minutes. And when the warmer eventually loses its heat, you can easily reactive it in boiling water, making it continuously renewable. A large, stylish neoprene isothermic casing preserves heat for longer, and its large size means it’s scalable and capable of warming bottles and jars of various sizes.Large, stylish neoprene casing Requires no power supply to work Continuously renewable – reactivated by boiling water Easy to use Heating pad fits inside the cover and takes 12 minutes to warm bottles or food 5-year warranty from Badabulle with registration and proof of purchase

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