Britax Romer Thermo Cover


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Keep your child cool in hot weather with the Britax Thermo Cover. This clever seat insert helps to ensure a cool and comfortable journey even on the hottest days.The Thermo Cover uses Outlast technology developed by NASA to keep the skin temperature constant, helping to reduce overheating and perspiration for your little one. The technology includes Thermocules that take in and store excess heat, releasing it again when your child needs it.This cover is simple to use, simply slip it over your normal seat cover. The outer layer is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable at 30°c for your convenience. The Thermo Cover is available in different sizes to suit your car seat.Please note, there a 3 different cover types to chose from. Please consult the compatibility list below and choose the correct cover for your car seat.Cover with headpad: TRIFIX, ADVANSAFIX III SICT, ADVENTURE, EVOLVA 123, EVOLVA 123 PLUS, EVOLVA 123 SL SICT, KING II ATS, KING II LS, SAFEFIX PLUS, KIDFIX SL, KIDFIX SL SICT, KIDFIX XP, KIDFIX XP SICT, KIDFIX II XP, KIDFIX II XP SICTCover without headpad: VERSAFIX, DUO PLUSInfant seat cover: BABY-SAFE i-SIZE, DUALFIX, MAX-FIX II, BABY-SAFE, BABY-SAFE PLUS SHR II

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