BSL Inward Opening Window Lock With Key – White


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The BSL Safety Window Restrictor is the perfect addition to your home, providing you and your family with safety and security where you need it most. Fitting onto inward opening windows, this BSL Window Restrictor will fit all suitable types of windows with a metal-plastic construction. The rotary lock blocks the opening function of the window, however, still allows the use of the ventilation when the Window Restrictor is locked. The slim and sleek design of the Window Restrictor will not create an eye-sore within your home and will not have attention drawn to it by your children; leaving them to explore the rest of your home safely. Preventing opening of your windows, from your children, this will ensure safety and security within your home. The approval of this BSL Window Restrictor is in accordance with the existing standards of BS EN 13126-5 2012.   Features: Window Restrictor suitable for inward opening windows Fits onto suitable windows with a metal-plastic construction Screw fixture for guaranteed installation safety Blocks the opening function of the window to ensure safety Slim and sleek design will blend seamlessly with your window Designed in accordance with existing standards

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