BSL Sash Window Restrictor With Key – Brown


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The BSL Sash Prime Window Restrictor is the ideal addition to your home, providing you and your family with safety and security where you need it most. Providing additional protection to your home, this Window Restrictor will fit to windows of numerous varieties; this is ideal for windows of metal or plastic construction, aluminium construction and also wooden construction. A secure all-metal design enhances this patented Sash Prime Restrictor, providing you with the confidence you need within your home. The primary function for this product is to prevent your children from opening windows within your home; these will help to prevent any accidents or injuries when installed and used correctly. In addition to this, the BSL Sash Prime Window Restrictor can also aid against break ins and unwanted entry to your home. The installation process is simple and will take under 2 minutes to fit against your windows. This Window Restrictor is screw fitted, which guarantees it is securely fastened when installed. With a simple method of use, you can use the included keys to lock and unlock this as you wish. The BSL Sash Prime Window Restrictor is suitable for the following types of windows: Features: Prevent opening of windows within your home Fits to various types of windows for a secure fit All-metal design to enhance sturdiness and security 2-minute installation process with detailed instructions Screw fixture for guaranteed installation safety Simple method of use with lock and inlock mechanism

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