Casualplay Protector Group 2-3 Car Seat Black – ISOFIX


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Casual Play Protector car seat is ideal for parents who are looking for the perfect group 2 car seat. The protector has a unique advantage as it can be used from group 1 onwards if used in conjunction with the group 1 adaptor (sold separately) this means parents don’t need 3 separate care seats for one child.   The Protector has a unique design that protects your child from impact whether it is from the side, front or rear. The heavily padded seat not only keeps your child comfy but it offers unparrelled protection from impact, the extra-large head rest has side wings designed to soften the impact on your child’s head with energy absorbing plastics and foam cushioning. The metal frame of the Protector travels right up to the side wings of the car seat meaning there is a buffer between the car seat and side surfaces so your child’s arms aren’t injured or trapped. The full seat shell is made from impact resistant polymers to help absorb the energy and dissipate the strength of an impact.   The Protector seat has a fully adjustable head rest so it correctly fits your child as they grow, as well there is a removable head rest for younger children offering head protection a little lower down. The Protector seat has a reclining back rest to ensure your child is kept comfortable at all times, this is as well as the extending leg support to lengthen the seat. Both of these adjustments are made from the winding wheel at the front of the seat; just switch the switch to choose which one to adjust (see video)   Features:   Group 1 Adaptor available Comfortable padding Full side impact protect Heavily protected head rest Winding wheel makes adjusting easier Reclining Seat Extending Leg rest        

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