Goldbug Mummy Clip, Black

Goldbug Mummy Clip, Black

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A must-have for all pram-pushers! The Goldbug Mummy Clip has made shopping easier for parents across the globe already and will be one of the most useful things you ever buy! This clip is the handy, convenient way to shop or travel with kids when you have lots to take besides the tots!The Mummy Clip is lightweight, easy to use and versatile. You can open this secure clip with a simple flick and attach to your pushchair easily. It holds shopping bags, handbags, changing bags and more so that your hands are free to shop, push the pram and manage your little ones.The clip fits a large variety of stroller handles and even shopping trolleys. You can also use it as a hand-held clutch to collect all your parcels and bags in one go, without putting additional strain on your hand. Very useful when bringing in all those bags from the car to the house.The Mummy Clip is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminium with a soft, gripping foam cover that stops it slipping around on the pushchair handle. This clip is built to last, it won’t break like cheap plastic alternatives. Take it from me, the Mummy Clip is the smart way to go!



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