Kids Kit Tip n Sip Cup, Green,White


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This training cup is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! The Kids Kit Tip ‘N’ Sip Cup is a revolutionary design that allows children to learn from the experience of drinking from a real cup without the spills and the obvious choking hazard.This cup needs to be filled from the bottom, into the reservoir, then the base is screwed on. From then, the cup only allows one sip at a time, ensuring toddlers don’t flood their mouths with liquid. It also means that if and when the cup is dropped, only a very small amount of liquid can escape. It;s a great idea to help a little child progress to a normal cup as they grow. We recommend watching the demonstration video in the product videos tab to show how well this great cup works.Please note, the image is for illustration purposes only, actual colour may vary.Training cup suitable for children aged 6 Months+ Unique design allows children to only take one sip at a time Cuts down on spills Avoids child gulping too much liquid and potential choking Double handle for easy grip

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