Mam Steriliser & Breast Pump Set


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This set is the perfect new-born feeding solution, allowing you to feed and clean on the go. The set features the Mam Breast Pump and a selection of bottles so that you can express and store your milk easily, along with the Mam Microwave Steriliser to clean all of your bottles quickly. It only takes 5 minutes! The steam steriliser is suitable for the sterilisation of all bottles, teats and other baby products. This versatile steriliser can also be used as cold water steriliser. Sterilises up to 6 bottles in 5 minutes and the products stay sterile for up to 24 hours if stored in the closed steriliser. The supplied Anti Colic bottles help to reduce colic by 80% and come with the Mam Silk Teat which has a 94% acceptance rate with babies. The Mam Manual Breast Pump has a soft and flexible funnel with four soft cushions to give a gentle secure hold. The pump can be rotated 360 degrees, giving mum the flexibility to change position while…