Pipsy Koala Soft Dome Automatic Nightlight, White

Pipsy Koala Soft Dome Automatic Nightlight, White

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The Pipsy Koala Soft Dome Automatic Nightlight is designed to give a soft gentle glow at nighttime, giving your child reassurance at night and to help you enter their room safely without turning on the lights. Simply plug into a wall socket and the Automatic Nightlight will do the rest.This nightlight comes on automatically when the inbuilt sensor detects that it is dark, and gives a safe and reassuring glow to soothe your little one. Safe and reliable with a very low power consumption. (0.4 watts). The LED technology means that the light has a lifespan of approx. 50,000 hours and is extremely economical to run, particularly because it will switch itself off during daylight hours.The light generates no heat and is guaranteed for 3 years.Soft and Squidgy “bulb” means its child-safe too!Conforms to EN60598-1:2008:THREE PIN PLUG – ONLY SUITABLE FOR USE IN UK PLUG SOCKETS.



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