Voksi Urban Sleeping Bag, Green


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Designed in Scandinavia for those harsh winters, the Voksi Urban Sleeping Bag is completely weather-proof, ultra-warm and made of only of finest natural materials. The upper part of the sleeping bag is made of down and feathers (which is one of the best fillings for bedding) and the undercover is filled with wool.Scandinavian parents are well known to leave babies napping outdoors, wrapped up warm wearing layers of wool clothes and feather filled sleeping bags in their prams. Thanks to the wool’s great breathability and ventilation performance, your little one is protected from the frost on those dark Winter days, Urban is the perfect choice for when you are out and about with your little one. Wool has the unique ability to transport sweat away from your baby’s body while the air trapped in the down acts as a thermal insulator. With the two materials combined the temperature is able to be kept stable inside the sleeping bag.The Urban’s elegant style and choice of ten colours make it look great in pushchairs during your walks together through the city. There are pre-cut holes in the back for your pushchairs harness to hold your child safely, and a non-slip back. Hiding inside the hood you will see a super cute penguin pillow made of soft fleece to cushion your baby’s precious head. The sleeping bag also comes with an extension so it can be used until about 4 1/2 or 5 years of age and to be used all year round – there is a winter inner duvet that can be easily replaced with the summer one. So when there’s no need for it in the pram any longer, you can simply use it as a comfortable sleeping bag!This sleeping bag is available in a range of designs, including some faux fur lined collar designs (collar can be removed as required) to suit your style, please choose your favourite from the drop-down list to the top right.Sleeping bag which can be used as a pram footmuffMade from Oeko-Tex tested materials with a nylon/polyester outer and a cotton innerFilled with wool & downLength 85cm or 115cm with extensionMachine washable at up to 40°c

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