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Autumn tree art

Autumnal tree art picturesYesterday, we started on our autumn activities list and did some autumn tree/leaf art.

We painted a very simple, basic tree and then got some leaf stamps, mixed up some browns, oranges, red, yellow and green paint and started stamping leaves on our trees.

autumnal tree art

It was great fun and very simple. It also started teaching the girls about mixing colours to make different ones. By the end of it, they were able to guess some of the colours they needed to mix up to make various others.


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Puppet fun

Stick puppets

Now the weather has turned, autumn is here, we are returning back to thinking of activities we can do indoors and the children decided they wanted to do a puppet show.

Firstly, we had to make the puppets. With little children, the puppets needed to be very simple. Here is what we did:

What you need:

  • Lollipop sticks
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Sellotape

How to make the stick puppets:

  • Draw pictures of animals or people on some paper
  • Cut out the pictures
  • Sellotape them to the stick and voila = Stick puppet

Making stick puppets

It is very simple, but the children loved it and then of course, you have hours of fun playing with the puppets.

We made a theatre by using a large cardboard box opened out and threw a blanket over it. The children sat behind it making up stories with their puppets.

Puppet theatre play

It is such a wonderful thing to listen to your children make up stories and work together for the same goal, of entertaining mummy :)

Mum Of One
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Butterfly art

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Painting

Picture of a painted butterfly

  • Fold a piece of paper in half
  • Paint on 1 side of the folded sheet (with lots of paint)
  • Remember to paint a body as well
  • Fold other side of paper over the painted side and apply pressure
  • Unfold and there you have your butterfly!

Picture of buterfly painting

Paper plate butterflies

  • Cut a paper plate in half
  • Cut a long sausage shape out of plain paper
  • Stick the sausage shape onto the middle of the cut of each plate (for the body)
  • Paint
  • You could also decorate with stickers, googly eyes etc

Picture of cut papre plates to make butterflyPicture of butterfly plates artPicture of child painting a paper plate butterflyPicture of paper plate butterflies

Butterfly stamping

picture of a butterfly stampPicture of butterfly stamping

I believe the best art projects for little ones are the most simple ones and these are certainly simple and very easy to do.

My twins loved doing these butterfly arts today. They were so proud of their butterflies, they couldn’t wait to show daddy when he got home from work.

Have a go.

Featured at Tots Tuesday on Rainy Day Mum

Featured at Tuesday Tots on Rainy Day Mum

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Handprint Cards & Spaghetti Art

2 easy art/craft ideas for young children

A great fun and easy activity to do with young children, is hand print flowers.

It is so easy and the kids love it!

You could even cut out a small photo of the child’s face and stick it in the middle. They make great birthday or mothers day cards.

picture of kids handprint flower cards


Another easy activity for young children is spaghetti art!

Cook some pasta and let it cool.

Give your child some paper and let them loose with the spaghetti. You can make all sorts of things…

Good clean fun!

picture of spaghetti artpicture of spaghetti playpicture of children making spaghetti pictures

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Activity Thursday – easter bunnies and crown

I love organising activities for my children, but sometimes I also like them to think about what they could do. So this week I got out the box of junk modelling bits, glue, scissors, pens etc and let them loose to see what they could come up with. This is the result:

Picture of an easter bunny made from a toilet rollPicture of toddler with her easter bunny craft creation

picture of toddler feeding her easter bunny craft creation

The twins made an easter bunny from a toilet roll, obviously they had help (as they are a bit young yet), but they did decide they wanted to make an easter bunny, which I thought was great. What was even better, was when they finished, they actually played with them. The picture above is of pinky feeding her bunny raisins.

BB on the other hand didn’t want to make this, he decided he wanted to make a crown, to be a king! This is what he created (by himself).

Picture of boy with his home made crown onI think organised and planned activities are great, but it can be even better sometimes, to let kids have a go at whatever they fancy, use their imagination and see what they come up with. It makes for some interesting results!

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Jubilee fun

Jubilee fun day today!
We started, by making some cakes, which was great, but I did spend a large amount of time trying to stop them eating the decorations for the cakes.
After this, we made some drums (which were actually the tins that their old formula milk came in and cut the bottom out with a can opener), then stuck some paper round it for them to decorate. The children then stuck stickers etc all over. We put music on (zinglillas, my sons choice??!!) and played and danced along. They had a great time!


We then made crowns for the jubilee. The crowns were printed on card, cut out and then the children decorated them with stick on gems, they were great!



This afternoon, went to a village jubilee party with friends. The children got their faces painted and they were amazing at sitting still! (if only they did that for me!). Oliver had fun on the inflatable slide, they enjoyed hotdogs and cakes and lots of running around. It was a good afternoon of fun.




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