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Little kids can help

Little kids can help, children cutting back a lavender bushI love to create activities for my children and join in with their games and crafts. However, every parent still has chores to do, houses to clean, laundry to get done and gardens to keep. It can be tough trying to manage little children, at the same time as keeping up with the housework (no matter how much or little of it you do).

My tip for managing this, is to let the children help.  If you are cleaning, give them a duster or baby wipe to clean with you. If you are vacuuming, give them a brush to help sweep with you. I know they won’t actually be any real help, but it keeps them busy. Put on some music and dance around whilst cleaning. The children will love it and it won’t seem like such a chore.

There was one very memorable time I gave all 3 of my children a baby wipe and they cleaned down all my kitchen cupboards! It was great, they actually did quite a good job and they loved it so much, I had to persuade them to stop in the end.

Last weekend was another great example of this. We needed to get out in the garden to cut back some bushes and generally tidy up a bit for the autumn/winter, especially as we have been having a bit of a garden makeover this year. It is not completely finished yet, but we are getting there. So I needed to figure out how the children could help whilst we did this.

Firstly, I gave them each a pair of their child scissors. They helped me cut back, the very over grown lavender bush. Now, I can’t tell you, just how much my children enjoyed this activity. It was so much fun. They carefully cut off lots of lavender, into their tubs that I gave them, so we could keep it to do some crafts with. However, when my back was turned, they all put their lavender in the recycling bin!! This means unfortunately, we can’t follow-up with any lavender crafts now, but never mind, they had enough fun just cutting it.

My little ones love using scissors and this activity brought a whole new dimension to the use of scissors and was a great way to practice scissor skills.

Secondly, they helped me gather up all the mess and leaves from the floor to put in the recycling bin, before helping me sweep up.

little kids helping out in the garden

There can be lots of fun for little ones, just helping mummy and daddy. They love to copy what we do and ‘help’. We had a great afternoon in the garden, getting it sorted at the same time as having fun and working together as a family.

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Twin Nephews

I have a 5 year old son and 3 year old twin girls. When I found out I was expecting twins (my son was only 18 months at the time), shocked is not the word! We all got over the shock and absolutely adore them. So thinking that was our quota of twins in the family, we all moved on.

Then last year, my brother announced he was having twins! We all couldn’t believe it. My twins are identical and so are his, so they should not be running in the family! What is this all about?

My twin nephews were born at 36 weeks, in August last year. picture of newborn identical twin boys

Last week, they had their first birthday. Where has the time gone?

They had a Mickey Mouse theme with lovely outfits (not sure what they’ll think when they look back at 18?!). They had loads of presents and lots of attention. Just what turning 1 is all about!


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Garden makeover, a whole family affair

picture of a garden pre makeoverOutside space is really important to me. It allows us all to get out, get some fresh air and for the kids to run around and burn off some energy. When the children are at preschool and school, I also feel it is my personal, peaceful, more tranquil space where I can breathe and try to unwind. Lately, I have been taking the laptop outside to blog, it’s been great.

We are very lucky to have this outside space, but it has got very tatty looking, the shed too small and the tree/bush too overgrown with lots of weeds. The decking is very slippery when wet and the children get lots of splinters from it. We decided it was about time we gave the garden a bit of a makeover.

Operation ‘garden makeover began’. Last weekend, we cut down the very overgrown tree/bush and weeds, it took all day and many blisters and scratches later, it was down. All we had to look at, at the end of the day, was a huge pile of sticks and leaves to get rid of. The children loved helping us take the sticks to the hippo bag. They had a great time.picture of children clearing up sticks

A new shed was delivered on Tuesday. So we literally demolished the old, battered metal shed and started increasing the size of the base, ready for the larger shed to go on. This felt really good, as I hated the look of the old shed. The kids loved playing in the earth we removed (just as if it was a sandpit), they even found a centipede!picture of children playing with soil and centipede

At the weekend, my parents came to help us build the new shed. It was a lot of work and the children loved helping (?!). It was definitely a whole family affair!

picture of shed building

By the end of the weekend, we had a new shed, no tree/weeds/bush and all the rubbish had gone, it’s great!

Stage one of operation garden makeover is now complete :) I love it, especially, the fact that we all got involved.

The second stage begins on Thursday, but luckily, we have resorted to hiring someone else to complete this stage, of decking removal and patio laying. I am really looking forward to that bit!


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Family time

As a family, we all love quality family time, so Fathers day was all about just that (and looking after daddy of course).

BB helped me make daddy a lovely breakfast in bed, which consisted of a banana smoothie (Nigella’s recipe, so not completely healthy), heart shaped egg in toast and a cup of tea. picture of a fathers day breakfastI was really impressed with my heart shaped egg in toast. Here’s how I did it….

  • Cut out a heart shape in some bread using a heart shaped cutter
  • Fry one side of the bread (only use a little oil)
  • Turn the bread over and crack the egg into the middle
  • Fry until cooked

Picture of cooking an egg in toastPicture of heart shaped egg in toast

The children brought daddy his cards and presents in bed with his breakfast. He got 9 cards!!! We only have 3 children!!

Twinlife daddy read his poem I wrote for him and loved his picture of the children spelling out ‘we love u’.

picture of children speeling out we love you with their boddies

We spent a lovely family day out at Beale Park. We love it there so much, we have an annual pass.

The children love the playground, climbing on the pirate ship and running around in the Little Tykes village. They play in all the little houses and scoot round on all the little push along cars and trikes.

picture of children in a little tykes housepicture of children playing in a little tykes village

We saw animals, birds and pets. They love running through the tunnel in the pets corner.

We went on the little train and loved the huge sandpit. Unfortunately the weather was not warm enough to go in the paddling pool.Kids-with-stone-man

I must just tell you about this picture above. Daddy twinlife told the children, this was a man that had tried to steal a bowl from Beale park, but he got caught and was turned into stone. The kids completely and utterly believed him. Every time we go now, they have to have a look at the ‘naughty man’ and retell the story! I think my children are going to be scarred for life when they find out it is not real!

We had a lovely family picnic and basically just had a really great family day out together!

picture of a family standing a on crocodile


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A real family picnic

picture of teddy bears eating their picnicThe time you spend with your children is so precious. I love getting creative, planning activities for us all to do as a family. There is something quite wonderful about creating family memories. Children are not little for long.

This week I planned a teddy bears picnic. I think daddytwinlife thinks I have lost the plot, with all the effort I went to for this picnic! But hey, I absolutely love seeing the kids faces light up and enjoy themselves. That’s what we have kids for isn’t it?

We had to have the picnic in the garden, as the weather (typically) was looking a little dodgy.

I wanted to involve the whole family, which is what made it a real family picnic. We all made teddy bear and butterfly biscuits the day before. I always find gingerbread biscuits are the best, because children absolutely love playing with the dough, rolling it out and cutting out shapes etc. It is such a great family activity! BB wanted me to take his photo, as he was so proud of his teddy bears!

picture of children making gingerbread teddys

I  baked teddy bear fairy cakes. I made a batch of ordinary fairy cakes and iced them with chocolate butter cream. I added chocolate buttons for their ears and muzzle, followed by icing on some features with coloured icing. Miss Pink was so desperate to get the pink one!

picture of teddy bear fairy cakes

We made honey sandwiches, cut in bear shapes, as well as small butterfly shapes for the children’s teddy bears to eat.

picture of teddy bear sandwiches

BB helped make some buzzy bees. They  were made out of peanut butter, Weetabix, honey, powdered milk and then features added (An Annabel Karmel recipe). I think they look quite authentic (well, as authentic as you can get with a bit of peanut butter).

picture of peanut butter buzzy bees

Lastly, we had a forest on our plate (ok, so that part was not my finest work, but the children thought it was great and it meant they got to eat some veg too). I blanched some broccoli for the tree tops (as I don’t think they would have eaten them raw), used carrot sticks and bread sticks for the tree trunks and humus for the earth/mud under the tree. BB thought it was hilarious!

picture of veg as a forest on a plate

The children laid out the blankets and set the places for their teddy bears.

After the food, the kids washed up their teddy bears plates etc, which is also a great fun activity.

picture of children washing up

Daddytwinlife made a den for us all to sit in and read bear stories.

picture of a homemade den

I printed off some bear masks, so the kids ran around the garden chasing each other pretending to be bears. They had such a great time!

picture of children playing with bear masks

I think the teddy’s had a great time and enjoyed their food. I know my kids did, there was nothing left! They were so excited! They haven’t stopped telling everyone they’ve met over the last few days about their teddy bears picnic!

I went to a lot of effort for this teddy bears picnic, but it was really worth it. The children enjoyed it so much! I might even do it again in the summer!

This has definitely been a magical memory I will keep forever!

I hope I have inspired you to think of a family activity you could do together.

Do you have any activities planned? I would love to hear what family things you get up to…….

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