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Christmas shopping for twins

twin girls at christmasHaving twins is great. There are so many joys to be had from twins, I cannot begin to tell how wonderful it is (yes, despite having my hands full). However, one difficulty that has come to my attention, is shopping for twins.

My children are all very good at sharing, as they have always had to share everything. But, thinking about it the other way….they don’t actually have anything that is their own, so they have no concept of real individual ownership. I find this a little sad, but I really can’t think of a way round it. My older son does have things of his own as he has his own room. However, my twins are both girls and share a bedroom, so they have no space of their own and they tend to like the same toys etc.

Last weekend, I was christmas shopping and both my girls want a new doll for christmas. I found a doll suitable and they had one in blue and one in pink. Great I thought, they could own a different doll each! Then, I got thinking…..actually, I know they are both going to want the pink one and it would be unfair to knowingly give one girl a blue doll while her sister gets the pink one that they both want. Argh! It took me a long time in the shop to decide what to do. Eventually, I gave in and got 2 pink dolls.

I am so desperate to create individuality for my twins, but it feels like a loosing battle. Maybe I should just relax about it and hope that as they get older, there will be more opportunity for them to develop their individuality. There is nothing wrong with them having the same things as each other or with them sharing, it is quite healthy. However, it would be nice if they could experience having their own space and their own few items that is just theirs and no one else’s.

What do you do? Do your children share everything or do they have some of their own things, no one else can touch unless permission given?

I would love to know your thoughts. Would you buy twins the same or different?

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Travelling light??

Picture of twins with their brother on a swing roundabout

How do you travel light with 2 year old twins and a preschooler?

We went away for a long weekend over Easter to the New Forest, as my parents have a lovely static caravan there. You would think, now that we do not have to be taking bottles and sterilisers etc, we would not have too much stuff to take, but NO!

Firstly, it took me a whole day to pack and get everything ready. I still can’t understand why it took so long? Maybe because I was looking after and trying to entertain two 2 year olds and a 4 year old at the same time as packing for all 5 of us?! I would be half way through packing a bag, when there would be screams coming from the other room, so I would have to stop to go and sort out an argument or 2. I then continue packing for another few minutes, until more screams and so the cycle continues….. They are good children really, but they are still learning that very hard lesson of sharing, which means, I frequently play referee!

Secondly, it seems impossible to travel light, just the consideration of the fact that we had to take 10 towels!! Sounds excessive I know, but a towel each = 5, plus a swimming towel each = 10! Then there is all the bedding, the plastic cups, plates, bowls etc, the booster seats, the double buggy, the toys and colouring books and teddies, not to mention the clothes, the shoes, boots, coats and waterproofs (all timesed by 5 of course).

I know a family of 5 is not excessively large, many people have much larger families, but I don’t know how they do it? How on earth do people pack light? Our car was crammed full with roof box on top and this was only a long weekend, how on earth are we going to manage when we go away for 10 days in the summer??

I obviously need more practice?!!!!


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