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Time with my girls

twin girls enjoying a drinkShopping with little ones can be tough, they have their hands in everything. Shopping with twins is hard, as they are at the same stage, double the amount of hands! However, last week, I felt we turned a corner. The weather’s been so bad and I didn’t fancy doing craft again, I thought, let’s go to the shops, we need to buy some birthday presents etc, so off we went, just me and my girls (aged 3).

We went in a couple of clothes shops, had a mooch around together. They were excited looking at everything, especially the pretty hair things and accessories. They touched things, but in a much gentler way than they used to. I didn’t find myself constantly saying “put that back” or “be careful” or “don’t touch that”. It was lovely. I found we could talk about what we were looking at, admiring the things they liked.

We visited a cheap shop, which they really enjoyed, as there were a few toys. They wanted to buy a hello kitty each. I was about to say my usual “no”, then stopped myself and thought, why not, it’s only 1 pound. So I said they could, if they wanted to buy it out of their own money they have at home. They did, so I gave them a pound each (until we got home) and they went and proudly purchased their hello kitty. I am so pleased I stopped myself automatically saying no. I loved seeing them make their first ever purchase!

Next we all went for a babycino. My girls love going to the coffee shop and having their ‘grown up’ babycino from a proper cup and saucer. They spend ages over it! We sat together having a lovely girlie chat. Then I sat back and just watched them for a moment and for the first time I thought this is such a lovely trip out with my girls and I am absolutely going to miss this time alone with them when they start school in september. It really hit me, how we won’t be able to do this for much longer! I am loving my time with them right now.

We walked past some ride on pay as you go toys outside the supermarket and I let them play for a few minutes. They didn’t ask for any money to be put in, they were more than happy just pretending together.

We had such a wonderful morning together, shopping with my girls. I would never have expected a shopping trip to be so lovely. I am sad that our time alone will be coming to an end later this year, but I am definitely looking forward to more trips like this in the future!twin girls enjoying playing on a ride on

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2 yr old twins in a supermarket

Thank goodness for the invention of online grocery shopping!

I took my 2-year-old twins to a large supermarket today, let them walk round for the first time (1st time in a large busy supermarket). They wanted to touch everything (as all 2 yr olds do), but what was worse with twins, was that they egged each other on. They were constantly calling their sister saying “look at this” giggling and laughing, then sitting on the floor together inspecting it all! After that, they’d run to the next exciting thing. I have never seen anyone get so excited about supermarket shopping! They weren’t really naughty, just very excited, which I struggled to calm.

Although it was stressful, they did make me smile.

All I can say is though, I am so grateful for online grocery shopping. It has got to be the best thing ever thought of, for mums of multiple children!



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