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Puppet fun

Stick puppets

Now the weather has turned, autumn is here, we are returning back to thinking of activities we can do indoors and the children decided they wanted to do a puppet show.

Firstly, we had to make the puppets. With little children, the puppets needed to be very simple. Here is what we did:

What you need:

  • Lollipop sticks
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Sellotape

How to make the stick puppets:

  • Draw pictures of animals or people on some paper
  • Cut out the pictures
  • Sellotape them to the stick and voila = Stick puppet

Making stick puppets

It is very simple, but the children loved it and then of course, you have hours of fun playing with the puppets.

We made a theatre by using a large cardboard box opened out and threw a blanket over it. The children sat behind it making up stories with their puppets.

Puppet theatre play

It is such a wonderful thing to listen to your children make up stories and work together for the same goal, of entertaining mummy :)

Mum Of One
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Simple, fun maths games for little ones

Simple fun maths games for early years

When trying to help little children learn to count and do simple maths, it is important to make it fun. Children learn best through play. Here are a few very easy but fun ways to get little children counting and adding/subtracting.

picture of a simple addition eggbox game

Egg box game

What you need:

  1. 1 egg box (6 or 12, depending on how difficult you want to make it)
  2. 1 pen
  3. 20 coins or beans
  4. 2 players

Before you start playing, you need to write a number in every hole of the egg box.

picture of the eggbox with numbers written inside

How to play:

  1. Divide the coins/beans between the two players
  2. Place the egg box a distance away from both players
  3. Take it in turns to throw 2 coins/beans into the egg box, youngest player first
  4. See what numbers the coins/beans land on, then the player who threw them has to add the two numbers together. If they get it right, they keep the coins/beans, if they get it wrong, they are given to the other player.
  5. If a coin/bean misses the egg box, they are given to the other player
  6. The person with the most coins/beans at the end is the winner

picture of a child playing the eggbox simple addition game

You can increase the numbers in the egg box as the children get better.

You can also use the game to teach subtraction the same way. Just subtracting the two numbers instead of adding.

You could also decorate the box nicely to make it more appealing to little ones.

BB loved this game, we played several rounds of it.

picture of a simple colouring addition game

Colouring addition

What you need:

  1. 1 pen
  2. Colouring pencils/pens
  3. Paper
  4. 1 or 2 dice

Before you play, you need to draw a simple picture in pen. I drew a large ice cream as that is very simple to draw, then divide the picture into 6 or 12 sections (depending on how many dice you are using). Number each section.

How to play

  1. Player 1 rolls the dice
  2. They then have to count the number on each dice and add the numbers together
  3. They then colour in the corresponding number on their picture
  4. Player 2 does the same
  5. Player 1 rolls the dice again and so on
  6. If they have already coloured in that corresponding number, play is passed to the next player
  7. The first player to colour in the whole picture wins

For younger players, you can use just one dice, and only 6 sections on the picture. This helps little ones with counting the dots on the dice and recognising their numbers, before learning to add.

picture of a child colouring in his colouring addition game

All three of my children enjoyed playing these games and we will be playing again.

Tuesday Tots

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Butterfly art

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Painting

Picture of a painted butterfly

  • Fold a piece of paper in half
  • Paint on 1 side of the folded sheet (with lots of paint)
  • Remember to paint a body as well
  • Fold other side of paper over the painted side and apply pressure
  • Unfold and there you have your butterfly!

Picture of buterfly painting

Paper plate butterflies

  • Cut a paper plate in half
  • Cut a long sausage shape out of plain paper
  • Stick the sausage shape onto the middle of the cut of each plate (for the body)
  • Paint
  • You could also decorate with stickers, googly eyes etc

Picture of cut papre plates to make butterflyPicture of butterfly plates artPicture of child painting a paper plate butterflyPicture of paper plate butterflies

Butterfly stamping

picture of a butterfly stampPicture of butterfly stamping

I believe the best art projects for little ones are the most simple ones and these are certainly simple and very easy to do.

My twins loved doing these butterfly arts today. They were so proud of their butterflies, they couldn’t wait to show daddy when he got home from work.

Have a go.

Featured at Tots Tuesday on Rainy Day Mum

Featured at Tuesday Tots on Rainy Day Mum

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Activity Thursday….Outdoor fun

Words activity thursdayThis week has seen the first glimpse of sun, still not exactly balmy warm though, but at least there has been sun. Therefore, we have actually spent some time outdoors, which is great! I love it when we can all get outside for fresh air and more importantly, burning off all that energy.

Here is our outdoor activities this week:

picture of children playing football

Ball games

picture of twin girls having a race on their space hoppers

Space hopper races

picture of a boy drawing shadows

Experimenting with shadow drawing

Picture of body tracing art

Body tracing

Miss Pink layed down so I could draw round her. She loved it. Then all the kids joined in and wanted to colour it all in. They worked together so nicely (I was really impressed). I think children love it when you take a simple thing like colouring and upsize it to giant size. BB also then labelled each part of the body, good writing practice.

picture of 3 siblings working together on an art project

Sibling teamwork with an art project

We also visited a local activity farm this week. J enjoyed the golf, though I’m not sure she really mastered the technique?!

Picture of a child playing golf

Childsplay golf

The children got to hold and stroke some little chicks and rabbits. I was so proud of them, especially Miss pink as she has previously been very nervous of animals, but here, she actually held both the chick and the rabbit!! I was amazed!! She loved it (I knew she would if she actually let herself try)!

picture of children holding chicks at a farm

Holding chicks at a farm

Picture of children holding a rabbit at a farm

Holding a rabbit at a farm

We have had a good week, I hope you have too.

What activities have you been doing this week?

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Activity Thursday – easter bunnies and crown

I love organising activities for my children, but sometimes I also like them to think about what they could do. So this week I got out the box of junk modelling bits, glue, scissors, pens etc and let them loose to see what they could come up with. This is the result:

Picture of an easter bunny made from a toilet rollPicture of toddler with her easter bunny craft creation

picture of toddler feeding her easter bunny craft creation

The twins made an easter bunny from a toilet roll, obviously they had help (as they are a bit young yet), but they did decide they wanted to make an easter bunny, which I thought was great. What was even better, was when they finished, they actually played with them. The picture above is of pinky feeding her bunny raisins.

BB on the other hand didn’t want to make this, he decided he wanted to make a crown, to be a king! This is what he created (by himself).

Picture of boy with his home made crown onI think organised and planned activities are great, but it can be even better sometimes, to let kids have a go at whatever they fancy, use their imagination and see what they come up with. It makes for some interesting results!

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Kids say the funniest things

Words kids say the funniest thingsChildren can say the funniest things.

I love hearing children talk, make mistakes in what they are saying, and sometimes saying things way beyond their age (because they have previously heard a grown up say it). I have been trying to write down some of the funny things my kids have said, here is my list:

  • Instead of saying clock, my son used to say ‘cock’ (now that was embarrassing when he went around pointing at every clock shouting ‘cock’, because he was learning to say it, especially in the supermarket!)
  • Chocolate cake, J used to call it ’plop plop cake’. I used to find that hilarious, probably because chocolate cake is brown.
  • For some bizarre reason both my twins call kiwis, kiniwiwis! Goodness knows why they need to make the word longer than it is?! Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill!
  • Computer used to be called a percooter. (That was quite cute)
  • Hairclips are called plips.
  • We asked my son aged 2 and a half “where do pine cones come from?”, he replied, “pineapple trees”.
  • We also asked “where does cheese come from?”, he replied “mice” (I can see where he was coming from).
  • When we asked C where milk comes from (aged 2) she replied “the kitchen”!! Well she is right?!
  • Aged 4 my son calls pins and needles ‘fizzy feet’. I must admit I love that one so much, we all now say fizzy feet instead of pins and needles!
  • In June Daddy refitted the bathroom, my son came home (aged 4) and said to daddy “Wow! You finished the bathroom, and you did it before christmas daddy!”
  • When daddy was bent over mending something in a cupboard, C says to daddy, “Daddy, you got a big bum!” (Aged 2) (probably meaning an builders bottom at that moment in time).

These are just the few things I have managed to write down. I want to remember the funny things they say in years to come, so I started making a note of them. Do you remember the things your kids say?

What funny things do your kids say? Please comment and share, I’d love to hear what other children say and call things……


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Terrible 2′s (doubled) turn into the stroppy 3′s

IPicture of twin girls playing can’t believe my twins will be 3 this week and my son will be 5. Where has the time gone?

Last year we definitely experienced the terrible twos DOUBLED! A friend once said to me (who had older twins), “when they are 3 it gets a whole lot easier”. I found it hard to believe her, as all I could see were the tantrums, screaming fits, arguing and the need for so much help and entertainment. I thought “how is just a couple of months going to make that much of a difference?” But, I can honestly say, it has! Yes we still get some tantrums etc, but, they are now able to play a lot together and just amuse themselves (definitely a benefit of having twins!). They don’t need as much help physically, they are starting to dress themselves etc. I can now start to reason with them a little (although this still needs a little work). I am loving the turning 3′s!!

Having said all that, they are now however, entering the stroppy 3′s! The terrible 2′s (tantrums), turns into the stroppy 3′s. I think girls are possibly worse on this front, as I don’t remember my son being this stroppy. It is still developing, so I fear I have yet to fully experience the stroppy 3′s in full force. Even if they do get worse, I don’t think (touching wood here) it will be as hard as the terrible 2′s!

So, for anyone with young children or twins, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Please tell me your experiences.


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Siblings, helping the older childs acceptance

ThPicture of 2 year old boy cuddling his 8 month old twin sistersis is a follow on post from siblings teasing and siblings. I was fed up with all the teasing going on between my 3 children, so I decided to do some research into the subject. In this post I would like to give some tips on how to help an older child (but still under 5) accept their baby or twin baby siblings, and this in theory may help prevent problems later on.

  • Have a ‘special box’ of toys for the older child to play with that you only get out when you need to spend time with the baby siblings, eg when feeding. But do ensure you put those toys away again when finished, otherwise they won’t be special any more.
  •  When feeding the baby/babies, you could ask the older child to cuddle up to you to have a chat about something, or read a story, if you are really good at multitasking!
  • You could encourage the older child to help, maybe with bathing or nappy changing, dressing etc?
  • Allow the older child to have his/her own space without the help of the little babies ‘help’. It can be very upsetting and frustrating for a young child, if a sibling constantly comes over and destroys his/her game. Maybe a playpen? or room divider? or just some cardboard boxes across a corner of the room to define the older childs ‘space’. (I personally used a room divider which I found very useful)
  • Give the older child some individual 1 to 1 time. I know it is hard to do that, but it is worth trying, maybe an out on their own with mummy or daddy if other childcare can be arranged for the baby/babies. This makes them feel special and not forgotten.
  • If the older child no longer wants a nap, it may be useful to try to encourage quiet time. My son used to go to his room for quiet time after lunch, to either allow me to feed the babies in peace, or to allow me to catch up on things without having to worry about what my son was doing to his twin sisters when I was not there.

Children like attention. When they play up, are naughty or teasing etc they are getting attention. It may be negative attention, but it is still attention. If it is possible to ignore some of the not so good behaviour and just focus on their good behaviour, that would be good. Try removing the child from the situation when they are being naughty, without much communication, then when they have calmed down talk to them calmly, so you are only giving them attention when they are not behaving badly.

Give lots of positive attention when they are being good to reinforce good behaviour.

Maybe try a reward system, a sticker chart or something else that your child may respond well to. I have just discovered the nice bear naughty bear app and website. It is encouraging my children at the moment to share etc quite nicely.

For more information on helping an older child prepare for their new siblings, please visit planning for the arrival of your babies

These are some suggestions I have used and some I have read about. If you have any more suggestions that other people may benefit from, please leave a comment with your ideas, so we can all help each other.

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2 yr old twins in a supermarket

Thank goodness for the invention of online grocery shopping!

I took my 2-year-old twins to a large supermarket today, let them walk round for the first time (1st time in a large busy supermarket). They wanted to touch everything (as all 2 yr olds do), but what was worse with twins, was that they egged each other on. They were constantly calling their sister saying “look at this” giggling and laughing, then sitting on the floor together inspecting it all! After that, they’d run to the next exciting thing. I have never seen anyone get so excited about supermarket shopping! They weren’t really naughty, just very excited, which I struggled to calm.

Although it was stressful, they did make me smile.

All I can say is though, I am so grateful for online grocery shopping. It has got to be the best thing ever thought of, for mums of multiple children!



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Twin potty training again!!

Potty training can be so difficult at the best of times, when you only have one to train, but when you have twins or more, the task seems extremely daunting! I chose to potty train my twins separately as I felt only one of them was ready in the summer. C was trained relatively easily, within just a few days. J on the other hand, although may have been physically ready, was not psychologically ready, so I waited for her.

Over Christmas J suddenly started doing wees on the potty when we asked her to, so I thought maybe she is ready for training. I bought her some nice pants of her own, rather than just expecting her to share her twin sisters. She wanted to wear them straight away, so, I thought, ok why not try now. She has been doing really well, only had one wee accident. But it is getting her to do poos on he potty that I was worried about, then this morning, she did it, all by herself! I was amazed! It just goes to show, you can read your children wrong sometimes. We are not out of the woods yet, but it is a good sign.

With training my twins separately, I was concerned c may regress when j started training, but she hasn’t at all. The only problem I have come across, is that when j gets a treat for going on the potty, c now wants one too, even though she doesn’t need treats any more. At first I tried to resist it, but, actually I think now it just reinforces the potty training, so I have gone with it.

Have you trained your twins together, or separately?

I am keeping my fingers crossed, things continue to go well. I will keep you posted.

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