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A twin bond

Twins are conceived together, grow together, develop together, side by side. They share a womb, they share their birthday (most of the time) and frequently share their milestones. Twins often share a cot, a cuddle, a bedroom, a meal, a friendship. It seems almost inevitable, they must share a bond.

Twins share a unique relationship. Identical twins often have a stronger bond, they tend to be more aware of each other. It is interesting, that studies have shown identical twins usually are characterised as being cooperative with each other, suggesting this closeness and understanding is present.

I have seen this bond in my identical twins. The other day I over heard my twins say to each other “I love you” and then give each other a cuddle! I must confess, I nearly cried! It is so beautiful to hear your little ones say things like this, totally unprompted. I love knowing they have a bond together and have support for each other.

There may be times when they fight and argue, they certainly have their ups and downs (believe me, it’s not all roses!), but there is no doubt about this underlying unique relationship.

Another example of my twins bond, was the other week, when Boo was being naughty, I told her she had to go to bed early, this didn’t worry her, until she realised

, her sister was not going to be with her. From that moment, she screamed for her sister. This did upset me, but I had to stick with it.

Thinking back, there have also been times when one twin is being told off for something, the other one steps in saying “leave my sister alone, she’s my sister and I love her”. Aww, although, I am cross at the time, it does make my heart melt, knowing they will stick up for each other.

I love these beautiful moments of twin bonding. As a mummy, it is one of the most tear jerking, magical moments ever. I want to remember them forever, store them up for the future, as I know they are young, children grow and they may not feel like this forever. All I can hope for is that they continue to have some kind of good relationship in the future. Fingers crossed!

Twin girls

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