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My twins birth – a look back

Doesn’t time fly! Four years ago this week I looked like this:

My twin pregnancy bump at 36 weeks

Ok, so that picture was taken two weeks before that, but this is the closest I’ve got.

I felt huge! So many people commented “you’re as wide as you are tall”! Thanks for that, I didn’t realise I was that large (or short)?!

I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins, uncomfortable, nervous, very excited, terrified, emotional, apprehensive and worried. I am sure most people feel like this when they are pregnant, but with twins, probably more so. I was very much looking forward to meeting my two new babies, but was terrified of the unknown at the same time. What on earth was life going to be like with a toddler and two newborn babies?! How would I cope?

At 38 weeks and a few days I was admitted to hospital to be induced. My parents came to stay, to take care of Big Brother. The midwives broke my waters very easily at 9am and my labour started. I was very lucky not to need any pessaries etc.

I was strapped to what felt like every monitor going, as there needed to be one for each baby, but at least I knew I was being kept an eye on, which is reassuring. It took a while for my contractions to build, but when they did I reached for the gas and air. One thing I found fascinating, was that I felt like I was only contracting one side of my tummy, no idea why. I presume I was contracting for the 1 baby that the waters had broken (twin 2′s waters were still intact).

pregnant mother with twins in labour

By about 7pm I was 8cm dilated, so they took me into theatre, all twins need to be born in theatre as a precaution. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was broken, so it was 32 degrees and I was extremely HOT! I cannot stress how hot that is to someone giving birth!!

My contractions intensified, I was 10cm dilated, so it was time to start pushing. I pushed and pushed. I was pushing for what felt like an eternity, and with some Ventose help, at quarter to midnight my first beautiful baby girl was born weighing 6lb 1oz.

I was exhausted, yet overwhelmed with joy looking at this most amazing little bundle I had just given birth to. I breast-fed her almost straight away and loved it! I was more than happy to just lay there nursing my baby. I wasn’t in pain any more.

Twin 2 was breech. The doctors tried to turn her, but she was having none of it! So, this time I was on my own. My contractions were still very strong, yet I didn’t feel them. The doctors were amazed at the strength of them and kept saying “how can you not feel that?” I don’t know, it was a mystery (one which I am glad of). In the end, they told me I had to start pushing. After an hour and twenty minutes since giving birth to twin 1, twin 2 was finally born breech, weighing 6lb8oz, with my waters drowning the anaesthetist, which was quite amusing!

My beautiful girl was placed in my arms and I couldn’t have been happier! I was utterly exhausted, beyond belief, yet none of that mattered. I had my two gorgeous newborn baby girls with me. No words could describe what it’s like to hold 2 tiny babies in your arms. The love, the beauty, the warmth, the glow I felt was amazing. I was terrified of how I was going to cope, yet, at that moment, I didn’t care, it didn’t matter. I would manage and fumble my way through. With three wonderful gorgeous children, I could cope with anything now!

Newborn twin girls with mummy and daddy

Four years later and I look back at my twins birth with very fond memories. It was a wonderful experience I would happily go through again. I wouldn’t change a thing. I now have two amazing happy, bright, beautiful twin girls alongside my gorgeous little boy, what more could a mother want?

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Is mothers intuition real??

Picture of my twin pregnancy tummy

My twin pregnancy bump at 36 weeks

Is there such a thing as mothers intuition?? Can you really feel you know what sex your unborn baby or babies are (without the aid of a scan)?

I have just been thinking back to when I was pregnant with my son and when I was pregnant with my twins. With my first pregnancy (singleton), at the time I didn’t feel like I had any intuition as to what sex the baby was going to be, but I did certainly think, for some reason, I was having a boy (even before we thought we saw something on the scan!). I don’t know why I thought that, or where that thinking came from, but as it turned out when the baby was born, he was a boy! For some bizarre reason I was right.

With my 2nd pregnancy, from the moment I had a positive pregnancy test, all I could think was, it’s a girl! I just couldn’t stop myself feeling it was a girl. Then at 7 weeks, I bled quite a bit, so had to go for an early scan, which is when I discovered it was actually TWINS! From that point on, I just thought, ‘well, I didn’t predict that one, so how on earth could I possibly have a mothers intuition for thinking its a girl?’ Then we found out the sex of the babies at subsequent scans, and low and behold, I was right, I was having 2 girls?!

How do you explain that?? Is it mothers intuition or something else? I really don’t know, but I would love to know if anyone else thought they knew the sex of their unborn baby, and whether you were right.

Please leave a comment on what you think, I would love to hear your views.

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Twins in the family

As a mother of twins you are constantly asked “do you have twins in your family?”. I have always replied “no”. However, I am excited to hear that my brother and sister-in-law are currently expecting twins, due in september. They are expecting identical twin boys!

 Identical twins do not run in the family, it is only non-identical twins that can run in the family. My twins are identical too, so it is very rare to have two sets of identical twins so closely related! I have no idea of the statistical chances of this occurring.

It is great, but I think christmas is going to get very expensive! My poor parents will now have 6 grandchildren, 2 singleton boys, 2 identical twin girls and now 2 identical twin boys, amazing!

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Identical or Non-Identical twins?

I have found it fascinating reading all about twins and different types of twins, whilst researching the information to write on my ‘twin facts and information‘ page on my website. It is really interesting to find out about how twins are formed and develop.

One reason why I found it particularly interesting is because when I was pregnant with my twins I was told all the way through that I was having non-identical twins. This was because they had 2 placentas and 2 sacs (luckily the least risky type). I just took their word for it, not realising that just because there are 2 placentas and 2 sacs does not necessarily mean they are non-identical twins! Great I thought, at least I won’t have the trouble of telling them apart. Then, when they were born, they looked the same. We didn’t think anything of it at first as many newborns look very similar. Then as time passed, everyone kept saying they must be identical, how do you tell them apart? But to us they looked different, but at around 18 months I got fed up with arguing with people, so I had the DNA test done and it came back that they are in fact identical with 99.9% identical DNA!! I was so shocked.

I know that it makes no difference whether they are identical or not, but I think my twins would want to know later on and for medical reasons it is a good thing to know, especially as one of my twins has a heart problem.

I do find it fascinating when I think about identical twins. They have 99.9% identical DNA and they have been brought up exactly the same and yet their personalities could not be more different. Also, one of my twins has a heart problem, the other doesn’t (as far as we know), one has one pupil larger than the other, while the other twin doesn’t and one twin has a birth mark that the other twin doesn’t have. What has made these differences?? Unfortunately I can’t answer that question, but I find it very interesting to think about it……

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