15 ideas for playing with water

picture of a child playing with waterAs this weekend saw a slight change in the weather, for the better (though, still not exactly hot), we got out in the garden. We finally got the water table out, which my kids absolutely love. We have a pirate ship water table. They love playing with the pirate figures and boats in the water.

It was a shame the weather was not warm enough for the paddling pool.

It got me thinking about all the different ways to play with water (when the weather is not warm enough for you to get in it).

I have made a list of 15 different ways to play with water (without getting in it) ………

text 15 ways to play with water (without getting in it)

  1. Raid your recycling bin for tubs, pots etc, anything that can be played with in water. Give the kids a bowl of water and lots of different tubs, funnel, plastic cups etc. some with holes in, some without, just let them see what happens, pouring from one container to another. Keeps them amused for ages.
  2. See how many things the children can find in the garden that floats
  3. See how many things the children can find in the garden that sinks (water experiments)
  4. Make boats from different materials e.g. a paper boat, a margarine tub boat, a cork boat etc and experiment with what makes them float and sink.
  5. Have races with the boats and play with them in the water
  6. Have races blowing a ping-pong ball across water with a straw
  7. Water game – have one container per child at one end of the garden with a fill to line marked on it, have a bucket of water at the other end of the garden and a plastic cup per child. Each child has to fill their cup with water from the bucket and run to their container, put the water in, run back, refill the cup and empty again into their container. The object is the first child to fill their container to the fill line is the winner. You could even add some food colouring to make it more fun, or some obstacles?
  8. Sponges – sponges can be fascinating to play with in water
  9. Cleaning – give children a cloth and a bowl of water, let them clean their toys
  10. Bubbles – blowing and popping bubbles
  11. Blowing bubbles from a bowl/cup – put a little bit of washing up liquid in a bowl or cup and some water and a straw, then blow. The bubbles bubble up a lot, it is great fun!
  12. Water art – give children a paint brush and some water, let them paint the patio with water, good clean art
  13. Washing up – give kids a bowl of washing up water outside and let them wash up all their play plates and cups etc
  14. Bathing babies – children love bathing their dollies and washing their clothes
  15. Watering plants – give children a watering can and they will water your plants for you

We did quite a few from this list at the weekend, but I think I am going to make this our to do list for over the summer. My mission is going to be, to complete everything on this list by the end of the summer holidays.

Here are the fun things we did with water this week……

Water game

picture of children playing a water game

Bubble blowing

Picture of children blowing bubbles


picture of children cleaning their toys

My children love playing with water, so they have been delighted that it is finally nice enough weather to play with it again! They had a great weekend splashing about, experimenting and generally having fun with the water.

I hope this inspires you to get out the buckets of water.

Do you have any other water play ideas to add to this list?

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  1. pinkoddy says:

    This is a brilliant post and I nearly added stuff to my water post, but it was getting a bit long.
    I have shared this on Google+ and pinned it too.
    Thanks for sharing on Motivational Monday

  2. Love this a well thought out list and lovely photos to match. Popping over from Motivational Monday but please join me on Country Kids too.

  3. Lots of lovely ideas. Definitely think my boys would enjoy designing boats and racing them. Good to find you via Motivational Monday.

  4. Mammasaurus says:

    Getting kids to clean things is a genius idea! Such good ideas :)

    Thank you for linking up to the Monday Parenting Pin-It Party, I’m following you (http://pinterest.com/loveallblogs ) and off to take a peek at your boards now x

  5. jbmumofone says:

    I love this and have pinned to my Summer Fun board :) Thanks so much for joining in the Pin it Party. I am http://pinterest.com/jbmumofone/ on pinterest.

  6. howtodaycare says:

    I love these ideas and I’m pinning them to my outdoor summer board. I came over from the Monday Parenting Pin-It Party. I’m http://pinterest.com/howtorundaycare/

  7. Mama H says:

    I absolutely loved this post and have pinned!

  8. Fab post – found you at Monday Parenting Pin It Party. I’ve pinned and am following you – http://pinterest.com/mumsmakelists/

  9. Great list! I’ve saved it for sunny warmer days.

    As today was such rubbish weather I decided water play would be great, but indoors, in the bathroom and it involved kids getting in. :-D

    • karen bell says:

      Lol, yes if weather really bad and all else fails, a good play in the bath is great

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