Kids say the funniest things

Words kids say the funniest thingsChildren can say the funniest things.

I love hearing children talk, make mistakes in what they are saying, and sometimes saying things way beyond their age (because they have previously heard a grown up say it). I have been trying to write down some of the funny things my kids have said, here is my list:

  • Instead of saying clock, my son used to say ‘cock’ (now that was embarrassing when he went around pointing at every clock shouting ‘cock’, because he was learning to say it, especially in the supermarket!)
  • Chocolate cake, J used to call it ‘plop plop cake’. I used to find that hilarious, probably because chocolate cake is brown.
  • For some bizarre reason both my twins call kiwis, kiniwiwis! Goodness knows why they need to make the word longer than it is?! Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill!
  • Computer used to be called a percooter. (That was quite cute)
  • Hairclips are called plips.
  • We asked my son aged 2 and a half “where do pine cones come from?”, he replied, “pineapple trees”.
  • We also asked “where does cheese come from?”, he replied “mice” (I can see where he was coming from).
  • When we asked C where milk comes from (aged 2) she replied “the kitchen”!! Well she is right?!
  • Aged 4 my son calls pins and needles ‘fizzy feet’. I must admit I love that one so much, we all now say fizzy feet instead of pins and needles!
  • In June Daddy refitted the bathroom, my son came home (aged 4) and said to daddy “Wow! You finished the bathroom, and you did it before christmas daddy!”
  • When daddy was bent over mending something in a cupboard, C says to daddy, “Daddy, you got a big bum!” (Aged 2) (probably meaning an builders bottom at that moment in time).

These are just the few things I have managed to write down. I want to remember the funny things they say in years to come, so I started making a note of them. Do you remember the things your kids say?

What funny things do your kids say? Please comment and share, I’d love to hear what other children say and call things……


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10 Responses to Kids say the funniest things

  1. clare says:

    It is funny what Kids say but can also be rather awkward too when they say something rather naughty.

    My Daughter age 41/2 calls Flamingos, Fingerlingos! Which we all call them now! Perhaps its time to correct her.

    She sometimes tells me my car is ‘to Fat!’ I think she means wide.

    However the funniest thing but also quite worrying that she may repeat this at school is… every year we run a Welly Wanging (Welly Throwing) stall at our local Village fete and she used to call it something that we always laughed about. However the other day she said to me “Mummy when are we going to do the Willy Wanking again?” I can just imagine her telling the teachers “we do willy wanking on our Village Green” ……………….

    • karen bell says:

      Lol! Yes, I love hearing about the silly things kids say by mistake. It’s great:)

  2. Cathie B says:

    This is one of the reasons I started blogging; to record the things that L has said/done….. I loved this and love listening to kids speak as well….. Poor daddy – hope he hasn’t developed a complex! x

  3. You have to write them all down! You never want to forget how cute they were! GG used to get fizzy feet too ;)

  4. I love this list. I write down the funee stuff Grace says every week on my phone and then put it on my post. Particularly loved ‘percooter’ :)

  5. I love fizzy feet, what a great way to describe pins and needles!

    Hopping over from Wot So Funee :)

  6. Fizzy feet is fab!! We have so many ‘family’ words that are said a certain way just because one or the other got them wrong and it’s stuck! x

  7. These are brilliant and so cute. I love plop plop cake!

  8. I love fizzy feet, that’s brilliant :)

  9. We have the fizzy feet! My first 3 never said it, my step-daughters never said it, but no.6 of 7 says it all the time :D

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