Confessions of a mother of twins….mixing up her twins

Picture of identical twin girlsIt can be very difficult to tell identical twins apart.

When I was pregnant with the twins, I was told they were non identical. Great, I thought, at least I won’t have the added problem of telling them apart. Little did I know that 18 months later I would find out, they are in fact identical twins!! To read more about the DNA test I took and my story about this click here.

Now, I have some confessions to make and here they are:

Confession 1

We once got our twins mixed up and fed the same baby twice while the other was starving! – well anyone with twins knows this is very easily done, though this particular instance was a case of mistaken identity rather than just forgetting which baby had already been fed.

Confession 2

I got my babies mixed up at their 6 week check with the doctor! – That was very embarrassing. I told the Dr, “this is C”, he examined her and documented it all. Then I picked up J, looked at her closely and said “ooh, really sorry, actually, this is C!” I felt terrible…..he had to change all the documentation.

Confession 3

We convinced the nursery that C was J and J was C for a day! At nursery drop off we got the twins the wrong way round, but to save embarrassment, we let them think that was correct for the rest of the day.

Confession 4

Many a time have I called out “J”, “J”, “J”, when unable to see their faces, only to find C turn around and say crossly “I am C”! I am not the only one to make this mistake, including BB. But needless to say we always get corrected!

Confession 5

I have been known on occasion, to discipline the wrong twin! When you hear shouting and screaming from another room, you automatically assume it is J, when in fact there are times when it is C. (I know this makes me a very bad mother, but I am only human!)

It is not often I get my twins mixed up, but there are occasions when it does happen, more because I am not concentrating, than because I don’t know who is who. But I thought it was time to confess…….














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7 Responses to Confessions of a mother of twins….mixing up her twins

  1. clare says:

    I am always getting my two muddled up….. Its bound to happen

    I can’t tell who is who in the early baby photos. At some point we decided to dress one in Blue and the other in Browns Greens and Reds (including pink borrowed from older sister!) Anyway I can’t actually remember when we decided to do this so lots of photos are a mystery as to who is who!!!!

    I also remember getting them muddled up at one of the vaccination visits. I figured it didn’t really matter as there was no information being recorded so I carried on with the next twin as if everything was correct.

    I have also convinced Grandparents that it was one twin when in fact it was the other . I left the room came back and reverted back to their correct names!

    One day I was out with them in the pushchair and one was being naughty. I kept telling them off and wondered why I wasn’t getting any response. I then realised I had got them muddled up because they were wearing the wrong shoes!

    Now they are old enough they are always correcting me when I get them muddled.

  2. Ohh I think any twin parent can relate to this and mine are not even identical but I still get them mixed up at times and if cross I often find myself saying ‘JJ, Miss M, Miss E oh whoever you are, stop it!’.

    Mich x

  3. Orli D says:

    Not even twins. Not even close in age. Don’t look anything alike.
    I still call them by the other’s name and shout at the wrong one.
    At least you have an excuse!

  4. I quite often tell the wrong child off, and mine are not only not twins, but a boy and a girl with 3 years between them! I can’t imagine how confusing it must be to have 2 almost the same!

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