Twin pregnancy

Picture of a twin pregnancy bumps growth from 15 to 23 weeks

A twin pregnancy bumps growth from 15 to 23 weeks

Twice as pregnant!

Finding out you are pregnant is a very exciting moment, but it is nothing compared to finding out that you are actually pregnant with 2 babies!!! Some women have some warning that they may be predisposed to the possibility of having twins, if it runs in the family, or if they have had IVF or fertility treatment, but when you have zero expectations of having twins, the shock is unbelievable!

Around one in every 80 births following a natural conception is a multiple and around one in every four births following ivf treatment is a multiple.

Being pregnant with 2 babies is essentially much the same as with 1 baby, except you have more hormones and your bump is much more impressive! The growth of each twin is much the same as that of a single pregnancy until around 26 weeks, therefore a twin bump is the same size as a single baby bump, only 8 weeks nearer to the due date. However, a twin pregnancy often doesn’t last as long as a singleton. 40 weeks is full term for a single baby, but only 37 weeks is considered full term for twins. Every hospital has its own protocol on how long each twin pregnancy should be, depending on the type of twins you have and lots of other criteria, too complicated to mention here. For example, I was pregnant with the least risky type of twins and my hospital induced me at 38 weeks.

The twin bump 

When you find out you are expecting twins, you probably have many many questions buzzing around your head, I hope this website helps answer some of those questions. One question you may have, as a mother to be with twins, is how big am I going to get? Is my bump going to be huge?? Here are some pictures of Michelle with a twin bump. The pictures show here bump from just 13 weeks through to 36 weeks………

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