My twin pregnancy story

My Twin Pregnancy and Birth Story

Picture of my pregnancy bump with my 1st son

My bump with my son (singleton)

I married my husband in December 2006 and relocated to Berkshire shortly after. We wanted to start trying for a baby straight away, so in June 2007 I found out I was pregnant, amazing! We were really happy, then a month later our house and surrounding area flooded! It was absolutely devastating, we had only been living in the area and house 3 months, we didn’t know anyone. I came back from a trip to the supermarket and unable to drive down my road. I had to wade through water mid thigh deep to get to my house! It was terrifying and no words can describe how devastating and upsetting it was. Then came the fear of having waded through potentially dirty water whilst being 6/7 weeks pregnant. I went to the Dr a few days later to check all was ok and it was fine (relief!).

Picture of newborn baby in hospital with proud parents

Newborn Oliver with proud parents in hospital

I then spent the rest of my pregnancy living in a caravan without heating on my driveway while the house was dried out and put back together. It was so stressful, I am amazed I actually went to full term. In March 2008 I gave birth to my gorgeous little boy Oliver, weighing 7lb7oz after a fairly pain free labour.  He was delivered by ventouse and a spinal epidural. It was amazing to finally be a whole family and living back in our house.

Then when Oliver was around 1 year old we decided we wanted to try for another baby. Then in June 2009 I discovered I was pregnant again, great news, however I was actually bleeding slightly, so didn’t want to get too excited in case something happened. We then went away for a weekend with family and on the day we were coming home I bled a lot more. I was terrified, I really thought I was miscarrying, so I got an appointment at the Dr’s for that evening when I got home and she sent me to the hospital for a scan the next day. Luckily my son was at nursery and my husband took the day off work to come with me. I was 7 weeks pregnant, and nothing could have prepared me for the shock we then got. The sonographer said “there’s one heart beat”, and I can’t tell you the relief I felt and then she said, “there’s another heartbeat”!!! I can’t explain the shock! I went from thinking I had lost a baby to discovering I was actually having 2, within seconds!!! I am glad I was lying down otherwise I think I would have fallen down! Both me and my husband were hysterical for the rest of the day, we just couldn’t stop laughing! There is no history of twins in my family, (we were told we were having non identical twins) the thought of having twins did not cross my mind. It was absolutely fantastic news, so special and yet it was actually so terrifying!

After the news started to sink in I was really quite scared, how was I going to cope with a toddler and 2 babies, they were to be only 2 years apart? How was I going to cope with the pregnancy and look after a toddler? I had no family living nearby. What was the pregnancy going to be like, symptoms, size? I had so many questions and fears going through my head. I would swing from being ecstatically happy to being absolutely terrified!

During my pregnancy I was very tired, nauseous and sick at the beginning, that part was not nice, but I got through it. I did have more bleeding on and off several times throughout the pregnancy which was worrying, but each time I went into hospital for a scan and everything was fine. I was told I was having non-identical twins, so I thought, great, at least I won’t have the added complication of trying to tell them apart! (Little did I know that 2 years later I would have a DNA test done and discover they are infact identical!)

At around 6 months I started having lots of braxton hicks contractions (all over Christmas), but luckily they came to nothing. I felt I was the full term size I got to when I had Oliver, but knowing that I probably had another 3 months to go and get bigger was very scary. I was very big in the end and struggled to look after Oliver, to the point where one day I actually dropped him as I was trying to lift him into his cot! In the end my mum had to come a stay for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy. I was then booked in for induction at 38+3 weeks.

Picture of my twin pregnancy tummy

My twin pregnancy bump at 36 weeks

It was quite nice knowing that by this date I was going to have my babies. My parents came to stay to look after Oliver while my husband and I went to the hospital to be induced in March 2010. This was the day before Oliver’s 2nd birthday, so we just knew the twins would arrive on Oliver’s birthday, little did I know it was to get more complicated than that!

I was admitted at 8am and they broke my waters at around 9am. I then had to go for a walk around to try to get things going. I did start having contractions slowly, so they then decided to give me a drip to speed things up. It is very difficult to move around when in labour with twins as they like to monitor each baby and your contractions, so I had 3 straps across my tummy as well as a drip in my arm and was having IV antibiotics every few hours as I was strep B positive. However, I did have a very nice student midwife looking after me all the time as well as other midwives and doctors popping in and out, so it didn’t feel too traumatic. The contractions gradually got stronger and closer together, then at about 7.30pm they transferred me to the theatre (as they always deliver twins in theatre due to the high risk of needing a cesarean). Unfortunately, the air conditioning in the theatre was broken so it was absolutely roasting hot!! I was having gas and air. I was then pushing for quite a long time, until eventually Callie was born at 23.43 in March 2010. She was gorgeous, she was delivered straight onto me and I fed her straight away, it was amazing!

I looked at the clock and thought, there is no way I am delivering another baby before midnight! I was more than happy to just lay there feeding my new baby as I didn’t feel any more contractions! The midwives and doctors were showing me my contractions on the monitor saying how can you not feel that? Twin 2 wasPicture of newborn twins in hospital with mum and dad breech, so they tried to turn her, but was unsuccessful. Then in the end the doctors said “come on you have to start pushing again now” and they had to tell me when to push, as I couldn’t feel it! Eventually, Jessica was born breech, with a huge gush of water that soaked the doctor, at 01.20 on the following day in March 2010 (Oliver’s birthday!). It was wonderful cuddling 2 babies at the same time! I can’t describe what an amazing feeling it is to give birth to twins! I then spent many hours just looking at them in amazement! I was absolutely exhausted, but it was worth every moment of pain and exhaustion!!

It is like a miracle, we are now very proud parents of a 2 year old boy and newborn twin girls!! AMAZING!!


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